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  1. I did two butts this weekend on my Akorn and had the same results @ 300. This was the first cook for me (outside of the grate seasoning cook) and although it was a little rough keeping the temp. locked in, the pork was amazing. I have smoked before using several other cookers and this was the best by far. All of the people at my party agreed. In my past endeavors, I trusted the thermometer on the smoker and would always finish butts in around 5-6 hours. I think that I was always cooking around 300 despite the fact that the temp. gauge read ~250. I used the Maverick for this cook and it made a huge difference. I used Royal Oak lump from Walmart and I was pretty impressed with that as well (for the price). It was a great experience and I look forward to smoking more butts and a brisket in the near future. Maybe for the next cooks I can figure out how to put pictures up.
  2. I used RTV tonight and it is curing. Just one concern: Is anyone worried about the RTV contaminating anything? Some sort of residue burn off. Just wondering.
  3. Jim that sounds like a great rub. What I have done in the past with my briskets is make a paste using a rub like that, montreal steak seasoning and worcestershire sauce. It gives the beef a really rich flavor.
  4. If you wantto know where to score one ofthe best briskets....try snake river farms. They have american style Wagyu beef and their brisket is amazing. It is a little pricey, but for a special occasion, it is well worth it.
  5. I work in healthcare and a patient of mine has a barbecue truck here locally andhe competes here in the greater Western NC area. He gave me a secret recipe (hence why I can't share it) the other day for an eastern NC style sauce. I made some today ( the recipe is over 75 years old) and it is awesome. I am not a huge fan of eastern style sauce but I like to use it after pulling apart my pork butts as a kind of marinade. I then serve a more traditional western NC sauce on the side. The basic gist of things is: apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, crushed red flakes, cayenne pepper, salt, texas pete and black pepper. I can't give amounts....but I find that with sauces, everyone has a different perspective and you can play around with amounts to get it to your liking. What I like about having a gallon of this stuff is that I also got a super old western NC sauce recipe and you use the eastern stuff as a "base."
  6. I am Tom and I live in NC. I am currently using a CGK Akorn. I just bought this a week ago (as an early birthday present) and I made burgers on it. I figured since I had to heat it to finish curing the grates I might as well cook something. In a week I will be smoking two butts for my daughter's birthday party. I am excited and somewhat nervous as this is my first slow cook with the Akorn. I have used a BGE several times, but not for longer cooks. I have enjoyed reading all of the tips and tricks that everyone has listed here and I look forward to learning more.
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