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  1. Hi, In the end I just used a frying pan filled with sand like you said and it works great I've had no 'blowouts' which I think was due to welding the mesh to the sides and I left it to dry out for a month in a warm room over Christmas... The smoking was great really leagevthe vents almost not even open and it keeps a temp well, as long as you slowly increase the temp till optimum. And the pizza oven used it last night and the pizzas are restaurant quality Thanks for your help
  2. Hi ndg_2000, I have reinforced the concrete with mesh so hopefully it should be OK... hopefully Cheers Dave
  3. Hi Nigel, No the stainless bowl next to it has become the firebox. I also thought, if the kamodo firebox is ceramic it must be made for a reason that way... so I used that stainless bowl and surrounded that in vermiculite concrete as well. To reflect and hold in the heat.... hopefully... Thanks for the reassuring comment on vent sizes, I have been worried as to change it, it would be destructive! The next few days/weekend il leave the heater blowing up it the fear of popping the coating will keep me cautious. Next is the heat deflector... I read on this forum somewhere that a stainless disc filled with silica sand would be best... so will be giving that a go Thanks for your comments Dave
  4. Hi Jack, as in why not use a stainless bowl as a firebox... the firebox that seems to come with them is ceramic insulated...I was just wondering why cheers Dave
  5. I have a funny feeling when I fire this up itll crack apart, plus I think my vents are too small....ive put vermiculite, smashed up storage heater bricks and refractory cement in a 3:2:1 mix with an outer coating of fire putty to theoretically give a good surface for tandoori naan cooking perhaps, although this thin coating i cant find anything online to say if fire putty is stable enough to work this way.... plus also does the fire box of a Kamodo have to be insulated if the outer coating is insulated? Cheers Dave
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