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  1. I forgot to add your cooks are one of the reasons I'm buying! Thanks for all you do.
  2. Thanks John, you get used to the difference living in Aus, internet has made things much easier I know there are a lot of aftermarket D/Cs too, much closer to that 150 mark, but I guess I could get the original and start cooking and worry about that later. I'll disregard the classic 1 and choose between the "original" today or the big Joe in a couple of months. D/C more practical over the bigger grill for me. I'll always be cooking for 4 - 8 people.
  3. These are the two listings https://www.barbequesgalore.com.au/p/kamado-joe-original-red/KJOEKJ15042521.html https://www.barbequesgalore.com.au/p/kamado-joe-classic-divide-and-conquer---red/KJOECLACR.html The non DC is actually called "original" not classic 1. I really can't see much else that differs but haven't been able to track them down in store for a proper comparison. I think if I buy the original my best bet is to cook reverse sear in two stages, removing the deflector and opening vents for the sear but I was trying to avoid too much handling of hot ceramics due to pets, kids being underfoot.
  4. Thanks for the welcome and the link
  5. 2 different models of the classic 1 down here. The D&C model also includes the slide out ash drawer I believe.
  6. Has anyone ever tried putting half moon deflector on top of the firebowl without D and C? About to jump on first KJ, price difference is about $500 in aus between classic 1 and classic 1 with d and c. Would rather spend that on meat but interested in doing occasional reverse sears. I will get a grill extender at some point and thought I'd cook indirect on that, over a half moon, then finish on the regular grill with lump biased to that side. Just not sure if this will fit as I've described and weighing up starting on a classic 1 right away, or saving for a model that has more flexibility from day 1. The other option is saving a bit longer again and springing for the big Joe. Wouldnt need any other accessories then, but patience is not my strength when I'm itching to jump in!
  7. Very happy to have found out about Kamado cooking recently. Had always cooked with briquettes on an open grill, before moving to lump a couple of years ago. Looking to add some versatility I found out about Kamados. Since then every question I've asked of Google has led me here, and now I am about to take the plunge and have questions of my own. Really pleased to be part of the community!
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