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  1. Wait...Smittydog...so you are saying I should not cover my Summit? That is going to be a difficult habit to break for me...
  2. Shots fired in the Weber Summit page But seriously, love my grill but agree its over priced. Better not rust...
  3. SmittyDog, will be very interested to hear the pros and cons vs your BGE, once you have some experience with your new baby!
  4. So, I figured out why I was struggling to set up the middle tier grate…the double ring outer grate was missing. (Exactly like the top outer grate triple ring, but double only ) I went back got the shop and got given the part from their floor model…no wait..top service! Actually used this middle tier this morning to grill up some bacon for breakfast. Happy camper.
  5. SmallBBQr provided sound advice, especially regarding the safety bolts. Just to contribute, I recently bought the prior gen E6 and don’t have any leakage issues. I agree that it is probably an adjustment / seating issue.
  6. Thanks for the info SmallBBQr! I’ll work something out and share the details
  7. Hey folks. I have a WSC and it has three bracket levels for it’s grates. I'm clear about the bottom grate. And the upper grate being for either the deflector or for kettle mode. What are the middle brackets for? I read about people using them for roasting, but I don’t seem have any grate configuration that fits the diameter…? Or am I missing a part? Or am I being stoopid
  8. This. Weber REALLY messed up the price point IMO. Kettle owners were like ‘WTF, I can cook low and slow just fine without spending five times the price on this’. Those in the market for a kamado cooker turn too the usual ceramic brands, or Akorn and BSK for cheaper options. It’s only thanks to some YouTube channels that I came to know and trust the performance of the Summit as a versatile kamado. Even then, I had to really turn a blind eye to the cynical price point of this product. Compare the material and assembly cost between the Summit and a Mastertouch…? Double…triple? Honestly, the original price was so bloated and clearly pegged to the BGE or KJ. You can’t tell me it costs as much to press and weld steel, as it does to mould and fire ceramics in 2000 deg kilns. As others in YouTube land commented (specifically Justin from BBM), if Weber had been reasonable with their Summit pricing, they could have really shaken up the kamado market. For me personally, I chose the Summit for its versatility and material. I have just mentally written off the price; buy once, cry once…
  9. Hey folks. Been a happy UDS user for the last five years. Built it myself and it will always have a special place in my heart. That, and honestly it totally rocks the smoking game. Purchased the Weber Summit Charcoal as an all-in-one for smoking, grilling and searing, and the all important pizza. Honestly, I’ve been horny for a kamado since starting this game. I’ve recently been playing around with sous vide, and loving the results. I recently did three racks of baby back which I finished with some smoke, and they turned out pretty awesome. (The rack in the foreground was just AP and garlic powder, hence the lack of colour after sous vide.) For this reason, I think that the WSC provides excellent versatility in a robust package. Advise from the experienced users here and other forums helped my buying decision a lot.
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