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  1. I own the QC-15s and couldn't be happier. Beats are junk, even the high end Pro model. The Sennheisers look nice but $450??? The Bose sound great, thats all that matters. I doubt the Sennheisers sound that much better. Good luck, I'm sure you'll be happy with either, or even the parrots.
  2. Any idea on a release date, John? Just checked the website and it's not there yet. Happy new year and belated congrats on your new gig!!
  3. The folks at KJ were nice enough to send me a cool shirt. I've been sharing the wonders of Kamado cooking all day at work. Quite the conversation starter.
  4. The one difference I noticed between the two is that Pelican offers a Lifetime Warranty on theirs, Yeti does not. The Yeti warranty is only for 5 years. I saw that Igloo has gotten into the arena for this type of cooler now. They have a Yukon cooler that is similar. Same large price tag. Couldn't find anything about warranty, I only saw a 30 day guarantee. I like the Yetis but a lifetime warranty seems like a good way to go for such an expensive investment. Like Remoh says, If you don't need to keep something on ice for 7 days (without the possibility of adding more ice) - maybe save our money
  5. coezoo


    Phil I replaced my KJ grate with the Weber grate mod i had read about here. Two Weber grates bolted together 90 degrees offset so the grates make a square pattern. Bolted together with bolts and fender washers. So air flow is not the problem. I like the mod since the airflow is good and it makes the clean up a snap. The ash falls right through. Ill keep plugging along. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  6. coezoo


    Thanks guys. The lump is Cowboy brand. It is new. It has HUGE pieces in there as well as some medium ones. The temp is my only issue. I know how to grill, I was a Weber Kettle Griller for 20+ years. It just seems that every time I change one variable, the whole experience changes. Ill get it, it'll just take some time. That and more support from all of you. You guys rock. Thanks everyone.
  7. coezoo


    OK guys, I am frustrated. Need some input. Yesterday I tried to do steaks on the KJBJ. Decided to go with the firebox divider so I could sear them good and then slide them over to the indirect side to finish up. I put in the divider and filled one side with a good amount of lump (up to the side air holes). I lit the lump in three places with Weber cubes. Had the lower vent wide open and the lid open. Let it burn for 15 or so minutes. Fire was going pretty well so I closed the lid and opened the vent on top wide open (as in whole daisy wheel assembly rotated out of the way). Then I waited. and waited. And waited. temp climbed to and stopped at 500 after a long time (20-30 min). I tried using a fan to increase airflow in the bottom vent. I have used this method quite a few times after a messy low and slow grilling session to clean out the grill. The only difference there is the divider was out for those cleaning sessions. I didn't think it would make that much of a difference, since the fire was a pretty good size. But it just would not climb any higher. I ended up adding another bunch of lump on top to see if it just needed more fuel. Once that got going it still stabilized at about 500. After a while I couldn't wait any longer so I ended up cooking the steaks at 500. Got an ok sear, but not as good as it could have been. I have watched a few you tube videos where guys just open the vents on their KJ or Akorns and just watch the temps start to rise. What the heck is going on? Airflow is not a problem since I keep the ash box cleaned out and I replaced the steel charcoal grate with two Weber grates. Plenty of airflow through there. So far the only thing consistent with my KJ experience has been the inconsistency. I like the temp stability once you get it to temp. But it certainly has not been a consistent experience. Any ideas or words of wisdom?
  8. For whatever reason, my last topic got double-posted. How can I delete one? I have been clicking around and cannot figure it out!!!
  9. Ok guys. KJ newbie here. So far, I've done a lot of low and slow smoking (ribs, brisket) and chicken roasting. Tonight we're going to have some ribeyes and a NY Strip. I've been checking out the posts here and the videos on John's site. I see a lot of reference to temps and searing but are you cooking your steaks at the 650-700 degree temp the whole time? I saw one guy who seared the steaks at 650 and then pulled them off while he lowered the temp to 400 to finish off the steaks. The steaks looked good but is that how y'all do it? I have the Big Joe, so I guess I could also put the divider in and sear over the fire and then slide them over to the other side to finish the cook with some indirect heat. Just looking for some sage advice. Thanks
  10. I store mine right next to my bed. We don't like to spend the night apart. Ok.....................Under a KJ cover on the covered porch.
  11. I agree with the concerns. I'm a KJ newbie myself, and usually look to John for advice. But I have to admit that the whole "cold (room temp) heat deflector thrown into a 350-450 degree KJ" concerns me.
  12. Hey guys. I have replaced my lower grate with two 18" Weber Charcoal grates bolted together 90 degrees offset from each other to create a square pattern. I used bolts and fender washers to secure them. This has dramatically increased my airflow. Also, when trying to achieve higher temps (above 400), I will light the lump in 2 or three places. I'll leave the lid open for a while and let the fire get going really well. I then close the lid and leave the bottom and top vents wide open (screen open on bottom, and the whole vent assembly swung out of the way on top). I then have a fan that I usually use to keep my self cool on the porch. I will aim the fan at the bottom vent and wait. The temps will shoot up in no time. I had mine up to 800 degrees with a small amount of lump and not much time. I did this for a quicker self cleaning. Also used the method to get the Kamado up to 600 for a pizza cook on Wed night. Worked great.
  13. USMC Pilot for 20 years (1991-2011). Retired from active duty in June of 2011. I am now the Aviation Advisor for a petroleum company in Houston Tx. Not as exciting or sexy but it sure does pay the bills.
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