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  1. Never had that fish but it looks good.
  2. Looks really good. Great griddle cook.
  3. What are you talking about? A picture or link would help this discussion. I don't own any BBQ movies. Or is it some type of competition grill?
  4. That recipe sounds really good but after a few I imagine Mrs skreef would be ready to kill me. Yea tequila does that to me. It's not called "tequila" - it's called "to kill ya".........
  5. When I die make sure my headstone reads "Assorted parts never past these lips!" - LOL
  6. You all keep talking like this and I'm going to start pizza experimenting again. What is everyone's thoughts on a preferment. Could I stretch the preferment time out to 48 or 72 hours to give a more sour dough flavor without actually using a sour dough starter? Do I know what I'm talking about?
  7. Not a fan of dogs but they all look good.
  8. Great looking cook but you had me at frozen drinks.
  9. Delicious looking cook.
  10. Looks good. I've wanted to cook quail for a while now. Would it have been better if you split them in half before grilling?
  11. Chicken looking good. She did a great solo run. I too am a fan of the dizzy pig ghost rub although the rest of the family isn't fond of it. Ghost isn't as menacing as it sounds.
  12. Tried this out Sunday night. Good thin and crispy crust. I cooked them in the Blackstone with a dome temperature right around 500*. Took about 3 minutes per pie. Pepperoni Mushrooms and black olives Sausage and green peppers Fresh tomatoes and jalapeños Next pizza cook I think I'm going to try a hybrid version between this dough manipulation method and the KA Artisan method. Excuse the odd shaped pies, I'm usually a little better than that.
  13. Looks like a good time with great food.
  14. @Polar Bear The smoke comes with 2 different probes. A longer meat probe and a shorter/fatter grill probe. Both probes are good to about 560*. Although the grill probe could be used as a meat probe it's size makes it less than ideal for that. I ordered an extra longer meat probe but use it as a remote dome thermometer when not in use as a meat probe.
  15. I'm game with the recipe but a fail on documentation..... Just sayin.......