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  1. Not only that but you can actually ruin the probe if they are exposed to heat above their operating temperature and that would not be covered under warranty.
  2. Fantastic stuffed meatloaf. I need to try this one day. Awesome entry.
  3. Yesterday with the Wood Fired Oven I started with a couple Cracker Crust appetizer pizzas. A shrimp pizza and a red and blue pizza (tomatoes and blue cheese) Dinner was Mama Reef's Lasagna Recipe. Mama Reef passed on before I had the Wood Fired Oven but I think she would have approved.
  4. Yes a slow heat up is the way to go but that's true for us down south and also everyone up north. A slower heat soak will always result in a more stable low-n-slow. When I said full Firebox I meant all the way up to maybe 1/2" shy of your deflector/drip pan. As much as you can stuff in there. I do that down here in the south. Yes you might have to worry about sauce and what not (dripped on the gasket) freezing and locking the dome closed after a cook when the kamado cools down and goes below freezing ambient temperature. There are a few threads about this. You seem to be on the right track.
  5. I live in the South so I have no first hand experience but..... This has been discussed numerous times. If I remember correctly the basic conclusion is under more extreme temperatures it's going to take longer to get stable at a given temperature. The colder it is the bigger the vent settings (by a little bit) and you will burn through more lump so buy better lump and make sure you start with a full Firebox. Other than that grill on. There are people who've shoveled a path through 3' of snow to get to their grill. Nothing stops a man with a BBQ plan. Anyway search around this has been discussed once or twice each fall.
  6. TY lenn, I obviously have a problem going for an oil change and leaving with a brand new vehicle. This is the second time I've done that. The Nissan dealer is right next to the corevett dealer. I'm almost scared to go for another oil change - or to rephrase that - Mrs skreef is scared of me going for another oil change - LOL
  7. I just buy a 2 pack of pork tenderloins, cut my own medallions, and marinate them for a few hours before cooking. Sometimes I use two or three different marinades, something for everyone.
  8. Pound them a little flatter than CI all the way. I do those on my Blackstone griddle a couple times a month. You're over thinking it a bit.
  9. Tom I was slightly wrong with what I said. Black, white, red, and green pepper corns all come from the same plant. They are just harvested and processed differently. Pink pepper corns come from a different plant in Brazil. Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berries is also a different plant from the island of Tasmanian off the coast of Australia. If your friend is interested, I would be willing to send you a small stash of Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berries for her to try. They make a good substitute for black pepper but they are a little zippier. Not sure if she's willing to chance it. For me it wouldn't even be a Boston butt question because I could careless about pepper on a butt. Steaks now that's a different story.
  10. Never cook on a kamado with the lid open! (DoJoe an exception) Lid closed, coals banked however you feel necessary, vents set for 400*-450*. Cooking with a kamado lid open basically defeats the whole purpose of a kamado.
  11. I think they missed the mark by just a wee bit. Yes you get the basket and handles for easy cleaning BUT.......... You still have a bottom with holes in it instead of a bottom grate configuration. Takes away the airflow advantage you would get from a KAB. Personally I think they need to go back to the drawing board and try again.
  12. Don't worry eventually you're wife will get used to it. I'm at 4 on the porch and 2 in the yard. Everytime a new one shows up I promise her that it's the last one. She quit believing that line a few grills ago.
  13. You have a nice setup with tons of accessories but you're going to have to add another 3 or 4 grills to your lineup before we send you off to a 12 step program.
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