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  1. I somewhat agree with you except personally I use the challenges to push me into cooking something I wouldn't normally cook. By participating and reading all the challenge entries over the last few years I've learned and tried a lot of new techniques/cooks.
  2. I put this question to you, the members. Should we keep the challenges rolling through the winter (even though participation will slack off) or should we wind it up with one or two more challenges and start them back up next spring? Even if you don't participate in the challenges we still want to hear your opinion.
  3. TY @shuley. I really wanted Braciole and Italian mussels but not finding any mussels the wok shrimp scampi worked for me.
  4. That's a good thing. I tried hot Grape Nuts cereal this morning per the directions on the box. One word came to mind - cardboard - LOL I figured they were using us unsuspecting humans as natural cardboard recycling units. I got through 3 bites. That's as far as I was going to help save the planet by recycling cardboard.
  5. TY Dub it was really delicious. A little bit of a pain doing a continuous loop on those stuffed steaks but I got it done.
  6. Cheese Burger - Copycat..

    Great cook and entry. I love the exact replica except the 7 items you changed - LOL
  7. Stuffed steak is definitely a tasty cook. The stuffing was really good and could be used for stuffing pork or chicken too.
  8. The KK was definitely pumping out the heat. After it got going I closed the bottom vent but that still doesn't stop the raging fire.
  9. TY KismetKamado - Smoke and Awe did the original Grape Nuts substitution instead of bread crumbs. It's actually a really good substitution that I'll be doing again. It takes a lot to make Grape Nuts soft so they remain a nice crunchy texture.
  10. Kasseler Rib?

    Looks tasty - great job.
  11. Kamado Joe Jr Charcoal Consumption

    I've made that mistake once. If you make that mistake hopefully you learned from that experience and don't make that mistake again. Even if the thermometer isn't actually touching it can give a false reading if it's really close to the cold meat.
  12. For my copycat challenge entry I decided to do an Italian Surf and Turf cook. For the surf I copied John's wok shrimp scampi. I did add some tomatoes to the cook. https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/18937-kamado-joe-cast-iron-wok-shrimp-scampi/# For the Turf and basic theme behind this cook I copied @Smoke and Awe Braciole cook. https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/31162-september-challenge-braciole/ Of course I started with a nice refreshing summer drink - Peach Bellini I made up some homemade sauce. A couple of needed extras to complete the meal. Here is the wok shrimp scampi. This is my first and will be my last time doing a wok cook using a kamado for a heat source. Just because something works (and it did) doesn't mean you should do it. Kamados work good for a lot of different cooking configurations just not ideal for wok cooking and I own an outdoor propane wok burner. The Braciole part of the meal. I really like the Grape Nuts substitution for bread crumbs. I will definitely do that substitution again. How else am I going to get rid of the box of Grape Nuts? LOL Served as a family plate. What a great meal. TY John and Smoke and Awe for the inspiration.
  13. Really great cook and entry. Never had paella. Going to get me a paella pan one day and give it a go. I did my challenge cook last night too. I wanted to incorporate some mussels in the cook. Seems no stores around where I live had any. They claimed they couldn't get any due to the recent hurricane Irma.
  14. Kamado Joe Jr Charcoal Consumption

    Gone 16 hours plus a couple of hours at 375* the next day on a load of lump in an Akorn Jr. Jr format kamados last as long as their full sized counterparts but we've known this for years now.
  15. Pyrex on a cooking stone?

    For meatloaf I've done it plenty of times direct on the grates. Setup for indirect cooking around 350* with a drip pan below the main grate. Get the meatloaf ready. Fire up the kamado and stick the meatloaf in the freezer at the same time (this will "set" the meatloaf). When the kamado is up to temp spray a bit of oil on the grate and put the slightly frozen meatloaf on. As long as you don't try and move it around before it's done it should remain intact. When it gets to 100* internal start basting it if that's how you cook meatloaf (that's how I do it). When it gets to your desired temp slip a metal spatula under there to get it off the grate. Pull and serve. No need for a special pan setup.