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  1. Great looking cook. 5 Ingredients really isn't that hard and you started us off with a good example.
  2. Another really interesting ingredient. Would have never thought to buy something like that.
  3. Homemade tofu. I didn't think tofu could be taken to a higher lever but you did just that.
  4. Good cook using nothing fresh, nothing frozen. Great entry.
  5. I actually put off this cook for a couple of weeks waiting for the new ciabatta pan to arrive.
  6. That's the only cream corn we eat these days. Great recipe - TY for posting it. It was a bit of work. On top of that I'm certain I could have made it cheaper using fresh or frozen ingredients.
  7. At 700* - no sugar / no oil. Both sugar (honey) and oil burn at 700*.
  8. Crab stuffed scallops served with cream corn and Ciabatta crustini's. My COVID-19 Challenge Started by making a rustic ciabatta biga. After a 24 hour biga counter rise I mixed up the main ingredients then did a 4 part stretch and fold. Into the refrigerator for a couple of days. The ciabatta in my new Emile Henry pan. Making crustini's Cream corn from a recipe by @philpom. I guess he never envisioned it made with powdered milk - Anything for a challenge cook Stuffed scallops. The large ones stuffed with crab the small ones with salmon. The crab version turned out good. The salmon ones tasted like tuna and were sort of yucky.
  9. Welcome aboard. You write better than some Americans I know
  10. Great looking paella.
  11. Yea but I have to work next week. I'll get your sweetie to do list ready for you before I go to work Monday morning.
  12. It worked out really well. If you know anything about these micro sized ovens in Travel Trailers that's a pretty big statement because they're not good for to much but this pizza worked.
  13. Probably 8 years ago when this thread started. I though the current going rate was $10 for 2 good bites - LOL
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