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  1. ckreef

    Tired of pork and chicken

    One of these days.......... Hey it's a staple protein in a few villages around the world. Easy to hide from the drug loards and has a good reproduction rate.
  2. I'm calling BS on that. (not calling you BS but what you read). My guess is they had their grill sitting directly on wood. They just didn't want to admit it. Over time that wood slowly charred until it's flash point was sufficiently lowered that the wood eventually caught fire. No way is concrete going to transfer enough heat. I have 2 kamados sitting on pavers above wood and never gave it another thought. Without the pavers between the wood and kamado I'd be slightly worried.
  3. ckreef

    Nothing but WFO money!

    Hawke was home this weekend. They were just personal sized pizzas. Two for Hawke, one for me and one for Mrs skreef. Hawke probably left the table hungry. Me and Mrs skreef were good to go.
  4. ckreef

    Tired of pork and chicken

    Let's sum this up. Go to the challenge forum. Find a challange for what you basically want to eat. Cruise through those entries. If you can't find inspiration in there, rip up your BBQ card, sell the Akorn and retreat to the kitchen in shame - LOL - j/k but really there are like 5 years of monthly challanges (with an average of 10 or more entries per month.) Take the time to check it out. It'll take you the next 10 years to get through all the cooks you're going to want to try.
  5. @Beermachine thank you. Will try this really soon as I have boneless thighs in the freezer just dying for something different. And really any excuse to cook on the Konro - maybe even tomorrow.
  6. Looks awesome. Now if I can get you to post a recipe I'll give them a go on the Konro. Please
  7. ckreef

    Nothing but WFO money!

    A quick, light lunch. Well quick is a relative thing when dealing with the WFO - LOL
  8. ckreef

    Tired of pork and chicken

    Almost any Italian. Just no smoke wood if it has a lot of cheese. Almost anything Mexican. Heck almost anything. You really need to look at the Akorn as more than just a smoker and grill. Think oven.
  9. ckreef

    Nothing but WFO money!

    So me and Mrs skreef took a weeks vacation to finish a large indoor project. This morning that project basically came to a finish at around 11:30 am. Yea close enough to 12 o'clock somewhere. I fired up the raspberry/peach Sangria and the WFO. Work has been bugging me to cook something in the WFO for them. Blueberry pie stuffed peaches. 3 office ladies and 3 mechanics today. Plus 4 for us at home. Yummy. I also cooked some chicken in the WFO as practice for next month's challenge.
  10. ckreef

    Lump charcoal

    I tried CharBoil lump. Still have a couple of boxes in the shed. It's not bad but reported 3" average is crap. 1"-2" at the most is more like it. It's hardwood lump from Russia. Buy it while you can. If it was really 3" average I'd buy it up. For now I'll stick with Fogo Black Bag.
  11. ckreef

    Broken thumb

    Ouch, sorry to hear about that. I do agree with keeper, you just need a sou chef.
  12. ckreef

    Nothing but WFO money!

    Thank you Ron, it's a fun oven. Doing a practice cook in it tomorrow for the October challange so I won't be able to post it. Check back often, I usually post a couple of cooks per month.
  13. ckreef

    Lump charcoal

    Definitely a contradiction of terms. Can't be both lump and briquettes. One or the other and those are briquettes. They may have less fillers than normal briquettes but they still have to have a binder to hold them together. Sort of like the term fresh frozen. Can't be fresh if it came out of the freezer.
  14. ckreef


    Last night I cut this recipe in half. Then I split it into six personal sized gyro's. Cooked them on the Konro. This worked really well and will be my goto method for this type of cook in the future. (any excuse to play with the Konro ) While I was doing the turning Mrs skreef made some naan bread on the griddle. Served with the normal Greek fixings.
  15. I'm not pregnant but I'm craving that meal. Great cook.