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  1. Even as leftovers this was still amazing.
  2. Great cook and great entry. It's too bad Flank Steak is hard to come by where I live.
  3. I'm the OP so no worries about derailing the thread. I'm good for one. I doubt there are 25 Oval Jr users that regularly monitor this forum but me and you make 2.
  4. Did you cook it this weekend? I only put the 5th because that was today. If you cooked it in the month of November then it counts. Unless you really just need an excuse to cook another tasty steak
  5. Definitely great pictures. I guess I fired the challenge up just in time.
  6. I am a huge fan of Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berries. I don't even have any regular black pepper in the house anymore. Black Cow is my goto steak seasoning. All the different sauces from Outback Pride are awesome. Chicken Salt is my goto homemade chips seasoning. Me and Aussie Joe have been doing about 3 swaps a year for the last few years so I've tried a bunch of Australian goodies. What I find most interesting is the lack of chemical preservatives in Australian items compared to American items.
  7. Some of my best sauces and rubs come from Australia. Minimum $50 shipping sm/md box of goodies. Closer to $100 shipping for a md/LG box. Rubs are cheaper to ship compared to sauces. It's the price you pay for something different and tasty. With that said I don't directly pay for shipping from Australia. I send a box of American goodies to Australia ($50 - $100 including shipping). In return I get a box of Australian goodies (about the same cost) sent to me. Find an Australian friend. It's expensive but I'm cooking with items that can't easily be obtained in the states.
  8. I have no idea about the quantity they would need but I would definitely buy one. Not having a basket is the only downfall for the Oval Jr (IMO anyway) especially with the limited ash space below the ash plate.
  9. Where's the turkey challenge for November?  Whatever it may be.  And Please make the December challenge "Sides for your Christmas Prime Rib".

    1. ckreef


      Not a turkey challenge but should have something going in the next day or so. 



  10. Just to be perfectly clear - I threw the rest of the the Cowboy Lump in the trash along with the Rockwood. Eucalyptus might see the trash can before long. LOL BTW other than the smoke it looks like a good start.
  11. I guess I don't really understand all this. You're worried about saving $5 worth of lump when cooking one or two kick butt pizzas. Might as well go spend $20 at the local pizza joint for mediocre Pizza........ Just sayin......
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