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  1. ckreef

    The grates are here!

    Nice grill grates. They are a pain to clean but are my goto for chicken parts, burgers and especially fish. That grate spatula makes lifting and/or flipping fish a breeze without tearing the flesh/skin up.
  2. I for one want to see pictures of the complete grill. One day I'm going to buy a Oval Jr with travel cradle to replace my Akorn Jr for road trips.
  3. ckreef

    A 30 hour Low-n-slow Burn

    I couldn’t agree more. I was really impressed considering I wasn't even trying. Prior to this the longest I've had was 24 hours in an Akorn.
  4. So last night after my rib cook I didn't properly shut down the KK (oops my bad). Come home from work today about 30 hours after I fired it up and it's still at low-n-slow temperature. I had started with a basket full of Fogo Premium Black Bag lump. Was curious to look inside. The KK defiantly did a nice complete burn. I'm good with a 30 hour burn time. Longest I've gone in a kamado.
  5. I've never done smoked salmon. I guess I need to do a little research this week.
  6. ckreef

    El pastel del Diablo (pizza)

    Great looking pizza with something different for the toppings.
  7. ckreef

    Head fake (pizza)

    Great looking pizza. You definitely have some dough shaping skills.
  8. Smoked them so that my Blueberry BBQ Sauce would have a slight smoke profile. Much better than using, dare I say, liquid smoke.
  9. Yea me too. Definitely long enough for any smoke session one would want to do.
  10. ckreef

    UUNI Pro Play Day

    Nice wood fired cooks. I really like those CI pans.
  11. Maybe I'm trying to lull the bears in. Bear primal ribs, bear shoulder and bear rump. Hey I'm even good with the bear skin blanket.
  12. ckreef

    Full English Breakfast.....Pizza

    Do you live in Texas or FL. Hard to tell from the pizza No really im just joking. Great looking breakfast pizza.
  13. ckreef

    29 different Pizza styles

    Me too. Years ago I road my motorcycle half way across the US. I ended up eating a Ozark Mountain pie in the Colorado Rockies. In the end, served with honey to dip your leftover crust in for desert. To this day I still practice the leftover crust honey dip. As a matter of fact, just earlier today, me and Mrs skreef dipped our leftover WFO pizza crust in honey.... .
  14. No giving up!!! With you, even if it's a crap pizza I know it'll be a killer picture, let's see it