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  1. I'd be scared to take the Konro, it's just really big for traveling. With that said if I ever need to transport it somewhere I still have all the original packing materials/box.
  2. I would consider a camping Konro style cook but I'd probably want to get some steel square tubes for it so I run the skewers without a grate. I'd also want to burn some of my Marabu stash for that cook. Maybe next summer. If I used it as the two hibachi setup I'd have a basically the same space as my LG Konro.
  3. Fantastic Konro meal. Gave me some ideas for my next Konro cook. Great entry.
  4. No worries we've all trashed a few pizzas during the launch. Pisses Mrs skreef off when I only slightly mess them up and throw them in the circular bin.
  5. Thanks for the fix. I'll take me a slice or three.
  6. Being Mrs skreef that's the way she rolls. She planned it that way
  7. Nice pictures from your ride. Bet you enjoyed that.
  8. I assume there is a picture but the picture is not showing up.
  9. I'll give them a try. I went to a Walmart that had Kingsford hickory briquettes in stock on the web. When I got there, there was none to be found. (probably pushed to the back corner with Christmas crap). I bought what seemed like the next best thing. I'll swing by Academy Sports one day and give B&B a try.
  10. When she wants to take control, hand her the reigns, sit back and enjoy dinner.
  11. So far I've only used is Royal Oak all natural briquettes. Not really impressed with the performance even though it gets good reviews. I do want to try some Jealous Devil and see how that performs. If I need a really long cook or going to use it as a true hibachi I might have to load it up from my Marabu stash. @Polar Bear so far chimney. I have more to post on that statement but I need to run a few more experiments first.
  12. Great full course meal. The clarified milk punch was definitely interesting.
  13. We went out hiking in the woods today and geocaching. On the way home I stopped and got some briquettes. It didn't click in Mrs skreef's brain that it was briquettes not lump. When we got home there was a box sitting on the porch Seasoned the CI Grates (the split Grates). Burgers on the menu for tomorrow lunch. I really like the probe port. That was a very smart feature since it doesn't have a thermometer. When seasoning the Grates I had my ThermaQ probe going in through the post so I could monitor the temp and tweak the vents. This is going to be a great addition to m
  14. I agree with you to a point. Up until KJ sold out to the big company. Quality has stayed the same but it seems customer service went down the toilet. It looks like that is covid related but the down hill slide started before covid and covid didn't help the slide.
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