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  1. If it's some kind of pan or deep dish I like it saucy. Saucy will ruin a super thin pizza. I don't cook many regular thin crust pizzas.
  2. Great looking cook! My current setup has a ThermaQ Blue monitor for my dome temperature and the CyberQ grate probe will be directly opposite from where I start the fire. I do have a ThermaQ long (8") meat probe that I could probably dangle down from the top vent. Will explore that idea before I do my butt cook this weekend. My original thought was stick that in the meat along with the CyberQ meat probe. Hmmmm, options.....
  3. I just measured mine. Inside diameter 5 3/4". I came up with an interesting solution for the Primo Oval Jr, check out the link. Might work for other situations.
  4. TY Daz. I have a ways to go before that thread is complete but I'll get there slowly but surely. Can't wait until I get to the South American lumps at the end of the low-n-slow. A couple of them did really good with the 500* test and hopefully will be equally impressive with their low-n-slow performance.
  5. One thing I do know is not all lumps are created equal. Some smoke a lot coming to temperature others barely smoke at all if any. In the few controller tests I have done so far (a couple with RO and one with Marabu) the RO smoked a good bit until it was stable at temperature. I wouldn't want my meat in that smoke which is basically lump that wasn't fully carbonized. The Marabu really didn't smoke. If any of you have been watching my lump comparison thread I have nine more lumps to test at 250* using the controller. I do feel that some controller (or non controller) temperature fluctuations can be attributed to the lump you use. We'll find out over the next couple of months.
  6. I guess I'll throw my 2 cents in now that I own a controller. Currently have only used it for my lump comparison thread but I'll probably do a butt this coming weekend. Here are the beginning answers. 1) Primo Oval Jr and eventually my 19" Komodo Kamado 2) CyberQ Cloud 3) top vent and fan draft wide open to start. When 75* shy of target, top vent 1/4 and fan draft 1/2 4) both the above grills burn right to left so I start the fire on the far right and grate probe on the far left 5) fill firebox full. Light fire on the far right side of the kamado. Add deflectors, grates and probe. Immediately start the controller using the settings listed above. When I do the butt this coming weekend will wait for it to stable out for 1 hour then put the meat on. 6) this was a 250* test using RO in the Primo Oval Jr. I let it run until it dropped to 225* signaling me I was out of lump. 18 hours and 44 minutes at 250* 7) so far seems to be set it and forget it. 8)would love to see a more robust alarm system. It works but there is room for improvement in the alarms and what happens when an alarm is triggered.
  7. I don't really have a set recipe but I do follow my own basic guidelines. Canned San Marzano tomatoes. For hot fast pizzas I use a fresh sauce (not cooked). I crush and Chop the tomatoes and drain out as much liquid as possible. A pinch of salt, sugar and sometimes a little oregano. Trying to get a bright tomato flavor. For pan pizzas I make a cooked sauce. Chop a can or two of tomatoes. Add the liquid back in straining out and seeds if possible. Sometimes I add a can of Italian tomato sauce and sometimes paste. Depends on how much I'm making and how thin it is to start with. Salt, sugar, oregano, basil, garlic all to taste. You do need to add the spices and simmer for 20-30 minutes before tasting. I tend to go easy on the spices. That's basically my method. Just keep in mind if you add more spices you have to simmer another 20-30 minutes before trying again.
  8. @Daz search around there are a few people on here who do a double stone setup where the pizza is between the two stones. I want to say keeperovdeflame is one of those people but I could be wrong. I totally agree 450* is way easier but a 60 second pizza is more fun
  9. You got that right!! Will ruin a shirt in a heart beat. It's Mrs skreef's favorite BBQ sauce. She asked me about it earlier today
  10. Whatever you do pick one (dome or grate) and stick with it. Once you learn your kamado either one will work. For a long time I've been using dome exclusively. Now I have the CyberQ controller, I guess I've switched to grate.
  11. Stop chasing temperatures!! Your vents were set right before you opened the dome, they're still set right after you opened the dome! When you opened the dome a bunch of cold air entered your kamado and caused you temperature probe to take a nose dive. Take care of business as fast as possible. Close the dome as fast as possible leave everything alone. Eventually it will recover.
  12. @Brick Pig looks like a comfy grilling spot to me.
  13. Well folks a low-n-slow burn at 250* for 18 hours and 44 minutes using RO (regular) in the Primo Oval Jr. Graph and leftover picture in post #4. Can't wait to try out the harder lumps later this summer.
  14. Komodo Kamados are made out of refractory cement. Stronger than ceramic and refractory cement is made for extreme heat applications. Not sure how strong it is in a repair where it has to bond to ceramic.
  15. Great looking pizza. Plain sausage is a favorite of Mrs skreef.
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