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  1. Dang that's an expensive grill especially if you get the full master package. Also not sure about that review. I imagine all the accessories were never meant to be used at the same time but he keeps talking about doing that.
  2. WOW! That is some serious bread making. Nice job.
  3. It definitely goes along with most Italian pasta dishes. We had Roasted chicken and garlic ravioli with that meal. Didn't show all that since the challenge was really about the bread.
  4. This popped up in my news feed and it looked like a good idea. Garlic Mozzarella Bread served with spaghetti sauce on the side for dipping. I had an ingredient picture but not sure what happened. Anyway here are the dough ingredients ready for mixing. Working the dough. Put the ball on a pan and cover for the rise. Once doubled (about 2 hours) push it down a bit into a circle. Using a razor blade made some slices. Brush with a softened butter than had garlic and scallions in it.
  5. That's what I do but if I could ever find the right spritzer I could spritz my mop sauce which would be easier.
  6. Definitely like the new theme way better than the default. TY John.
  7. Can't wait to see what you come up with for your actual entry.
  8. When baking in the Kamado I always bump the temperature at least 25* higher than the recipe calls for. Looks great.
  9. I agree you should post more often. Looks delicious. I like the end angle of the handle, it matches the blade.
  10. Great cook in true pandemic challenge fashion.
  11. I use to camp a bunch when my son was younger but hadn't in years. Me and Mrs skreef decided to get a Travel Trailer so we could go on more/cheaper vacations. We took delivery of the Travel Trailer on February 8th. Shortly after that covid hit the US and that decision turned out better than we thought. Our first trip for March got canceled due to covid but after that we've managed to go somewhere once a month. It's an adventure we can afford and we try and make the best of it no matter where we go.
  12. Great looking cooks. Up your game - artisan bread posted in this month's bread challenge. Looking at those pictures I think you're up for the challenge.
  13. Went back to Mountain View Campground in Hiawassee, GA for a long weekend. We were able to secure site #14 which we feel is the best site in the campground. This is our view from under the awning. While there we did a bit of geocaching and hiking. Along a trail in Unicoi State Park we came upon a travel rock. We grabbed it up and will send it on it's way in the near future. One of the geocaches took us to a city park in Young Harris where we came upon a little library. I've heard of these but never seen one in the wild. Take a book, leave a book. Awesome idea.
  14. Wow great looking cinnamon rolls. Starting this challenge off with a bang.
  15. Hiking the Helen Trail in the Unicoi State Park near Helen GA, me and Mrs skreef came upon this rock. It was placed by the FB group Columbus In Rocks. The back of the rock had a sticker explaining to enjoy where it sits or move it along to another location. We'll keep it for a little while until we can place it in a kewl spot.
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