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  1. Interesting rice cook. Looks delicious.
  2. Great rolls. They are so easy and fast Mrs skreef makes them all the time.
  3. Great looking pizzas. A good use for small CI pans.
  4. What a shame you didn't eat an awesome scallop meal - LOL - but I knew how this post was going to end when starting reading it.
  5. Interesting dish. Never made black rice before.
  6. Great looking meatballs. For the last year or so I've been on the XL meatball idea (usually 6 oz each). It's just easier then a bunch of little ones.
  7. We have another 10 or so years before retirement but for now our goal is camping once a month. We managed that last year so hopefully we can make it happen this year. One of the reasons we upgraded to this 5th wheel is the ability to full time in it. Maybe one day.
  8. Dry the chicken with paper towels. No oil. Sprinkle on your favorite seasoning. Cook at 400* indirect for 20 - 30 minutes skin side down then 20 - 30 minutes skin side up (actual time depends on the cut you're cooking.) Crispy skin every time. Chicken skin has enough oil you don't need to add any extra
  9. First quick trip this weekend. Currently sitting under the awning, full belly and a jazzed up coffee with Kahula, Irish cream and Makers Mark. For a bonus Monday marks 2 weeks after me and Mrs skreef's 2nd covid shot. Life is good. @KismetKamado here is the requested Mrs skreef picture along with a steak that just came off the PKGO grill. Hopefully you see this John. In the Susan picture the PKGO is open cooling down after the steak cook. Unfortunately using my smartphone doesn't allow me to tag you in posts.
  10. Nice DIY stand for the mini Kamado.
  11. Yea we love the new truck. Definitely a bit bigger than my last one (Nissan Titan) and much more comfy/luxurious on the inside. Being a 3500 it drives more like a truck but that was expected. Something I thought was stupid but is actually pretty cool (pun intended) is the air conditioned seats.
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