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  1. You can go either way with that idea. Parchment won't hinder or help with the browning. Sometimes I pull, sometimes I leave it until the end.
  2. Wooden peel to launch, metal peel for the landing. Semolina is probably the best for sprinkling on the board. Also a little back and forth shake to make sure it will slide off before launching. If it doesn't slide while shaking don't attempt a direct launch - disaster awaits. Parchment paper is the answer especially if you have wet/sticky dough.
  3. Looks awesome all loaded up like that.
  4. Yup 42" coming your way. Besides we need another crazy boat ride to follow along with. And yea I heard all your excuses before. Just go and order it now and get it over with.
  5. I'm not a fan of western handles but the detail he puts in the handle is so over the top I'd be drooling on it every time I used it. I don't know how much £500 equates to USD's but who cares. If you went away with a half decent knife you made yourself it'd be worth every penny of it.
  6. Nice. So is this your way of paving the road to a 42"? - LOL
  7. Just make sure I'm customer #1 You learn to forge and I'll figure out how to slice a Mammoth Tooth. I have a Mammoth Tooth in my fossil cabinet, just not willing to slice it up since I personally collected it. I also have some Mammoth Tooth scraps that I would be willing to give a go at cutting into a really nice fat end cap. As for that particular knife I love the look of the handle just not thrilled with the western shape. The Damascus pattern is kewl but their seven layer or meteor Damascus blades are definitely more my style.
  8. That one is built by HHH (the insignia on the side). The pattern on the blade is a special Damascus cladding forged into the steel. HHH has a few other really interesting Damascus patterns they forge. It's a father and son Artisan blacksmith company right here in the USA. If I ever have a custom knife forged (and I probably will eventually) they are definitely at the top of the list.
  9. Check out this one. Handle made from African Blackwood and Fossil Mammoth Tooth. Price unknown and I'm scared to ask for fear it hasn't sold yet.
  10. For me personally I agree with you but disagree about the use factor. Just like my KK's, really expensive, looks awesome, and top end performer. Just because I spent that much money on a grill hasn't stopped me from using them. There are some high end custom knife makers right here in the US with knives ranging in the $500 - $1,500 and up. I'm actually contemplating one and if I get it I'll have it's own lighted display but that won't stop me from using it daily.
  11. I've called them before. Very knowledgeable person on the other end. A great resource.
  12. Great score.
  13. Great experiment. Sounds like a fun evening.
  14. Very sweet looking handle. Your choice of wood looks great. Ben does awesome work, really adds something special to a knife.
  15. The Akorn Jr is a fun kamado. Enjoy!