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  1. When I saw that sauce I knew you were from NY. My favorite sauce is from NY too and I live in GA. (a friend from NY keeps me stocked up). It's like a cross between a vinegar based sauce and a tomato based sauce.
  2. Really great looking cook. I'd like to try that one day. Maybe I should start by de-boning a chicken.
  3. Hope you feel better. We're patiently waiting.
  4. I don't have a vision but for low-n-slow y ou should fill any kamado to just under the bottom deflector (1/2" under). That should last you 18+ hours. If it doesn't you're burning a hot fire when you should be burning a cooler low-n-slow fire.
  5. I used to cook full meals on a single kamado all the time. These days I have multiple kamados to choose from and it's usually easier to just fire up 2 or 3 to get the job done....... Except....... Tonight I had a rotisserie chicken cook planned. I was getting ready for the cook and something told me to test the rotisserie motor. Oh Crap!!! The motor clicked on for a second then died. This isn't a big surprise. I left the rotisserie motor installed on my KK from the begining when I first bought it (over a year ago). It sits under a covered porch but I live in GA with crazy summer humidity coupled with air dripping in moisture during fog and rainy days. I figure either the gears or the inner electrical connections rusted up. I guess that's what I get for being lazy and leaving it attached. So how does this relate to this thread? Well I had to scramble for plan B. Spatchcocked chicken with carrots, potatoes, and gravy underneath. A full meal done on the fly with a moments notice cooked in one dish on one kamado. Not an issue you just have stray a bit from the original plan when things go wrong.
  6. I have no skin in this game because I've never owned either a BGE or a KJ. (started with a full size Akorn now I have 2 KK's, a Primo Oval Jr, and a Akorn Jr). With that said I have been on this forum for a while and read almost every post. When friends ask I always stear them towards a KJ. A lot of useful accessories are made for the KJ not to mention a few fun accessories. If you have a BGE dealer stearing you towards KJ you might want to listen to him.......... Just sayin......
  7. The final picture looks tasty to me. A slice of that, fried egg and cheese on a biscuit. Making me hungry. The biscuit store was closed this morning so I didn't get breakfast :(
  8. Cooking full meals on 1 kamado is all about what temperatures you need for the individual items. If you do something low-n-slow you cook that first then pull, wrap and into a cooler to rest. At that point you crank the temperature up to cook your sides. If everything needs the same temperature (say 375*) you can usually cram it all in together. What you can't do (no mater what size you get) is cook at 2 different temperature at the same time. Even a divide and concour type setup doesn't really give you two different temps. Also much easier to go up in temperature as the cook progresses. With all that said proper meal and cook planning is a must regardless of kamado size. If you pick appropriate sides for the main protein (considering the temperatures) almost anything is possible. An main grate with an upper grate extension helps a lot to cook full meals on one kamado.
  9. Yea for on sale factory seconds it's still a bit pricey but they do have some nice looking stuff.
  10. I agree weight is the way to go but most recipes list it as a volume. If it doesn't specify a type of salt I always default to table salt as I feel most recipes are written for the average household that probably only has table salt.
  11. Yea I got in on that deal back then. I think it was buy 1 box (two rolls) and get 2 more boxes for free (three boxes being a case). There was a glitch in their website. You were only supposed to be able to get 1 case at that price but it allowed you to get 3 cases at that price. So I ordered the 3 case deal and Mrs skreef ordered another 3 cases. I've been using them ever since. I agree sort of a pain to use. You really need to add an extra 6 inches to the length you need. Sort of a waste but at the price we paid it doesn't bother me too much. I still have a case or 2 left - LOL
  12. Sounds like a good plan. Also 700* at the dome is probably around 1200* down in the firebox. Those high dome temperatures are really hard on fireboxes. Dennis owner of Komodo Kamado posted infrared temperature pictures and it's pretty incredible how hot a firebox gets for a reasonably hot dome temperature.
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