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  1. Here is a link to where I bought it. https://authenticpizzaovens.com/products/authentic-stone-pizzaioli-oven
  2. Let me attempt to put it in a context I can totally relate to. I hate smoked chicken. Cooking chicken in the 250* range with chunks of wood I consider cold smoking chicken. Way too Smokey and the skin is rubbery - Yuk on both accounts. Chicken on a hot wood fire is hot smoking chicken. You get crispy skin with just a kiss of smoke. There really is a big difference. I've only done one flat iron steak so far so I'll need a few more tests to really comment on steak. I've done a few burger cooks and you can tell a very subtle smoke difference. It's there, it's better. (about to put some burgers on in the next few minutes). A world of difference between wood coals and std briquettes grilling. Strangely enough this grill is actually quicker for hot fast searing than any of my kamados (or Konro). The length of time is in the cool down. With a kamado you close the vents and walk away. This grill you have to let it burn down and cool down before putting the cover on it. That can take a few hours.
  3. Blackstone for camping. Breakfast smash burgers, fish, you could cook just about anything on the Blackstone with a little creativity.
  4. I just know that pictures posted in the past has a photobucket water mark across the face. Photobucket sucks. Sorry they made some bad decisions along the way but that's their problem, why does everyone else have to suffer for their bad decisions.
  5. One more for the day. Me and Mrs skreef cooked this for the mechanics at work. Pulled pork Mac & Cheese Layer of pulled pork lightly sauced. A layer of Mrs skreef's awesome Mac & Cheese. A crumble topping.
  6. The Saint Louis Charcoal Company from St Louis Missouri, bags Rockwood. I imagine they probably bag that too. I did the Rockwood low-n-slow test last night and it just finished. Will post the results later today or tomorrow.
  7. Bronx Bombers. This is one of our favorite dishes and really easy to make. I always have the ingredients on hand.
  8. Very nice oven and setting. Lunch looks delicious. I actually like cooking things other than pizza in the Wood Fired Oven. They are just fun to cook in.
  9. Your going to have so much fun when you get it. Just a couple teaser pictures. Getting "Fired" up for lunch today - LOL
  10. Forgot about those original threads so I went back to check them out Looks like it held up well and I'm sure you got way more than your monies worth out of it. BTW I hate photobucket
  11. I understand @keeperovdeflame's reasoning behind gas. When fire ban goes into effect fire up the gas and you have a very capable outdoor oven. But gas does take the fun/challanging aspect away. The fun part of a Wood Fired Oven is playing with and taming live fire. I think some of you are missing this concept. At 700*+ there would be no taste difference. The taste you get from a Wood Fired Oven at those temperatures is from the lepording (is that even a word?) not from burning wood and you'd get lepording with gas. Where the taste difference comes into play is at lower temperatures with longer cook times. Since we're talking about this up on the menu for lunch today is Bronx Bombers in the Wood Fired Oven. Almost time to fire it up and get it preheated
  12. TY Scott. I learned a good bit from this cook. Next chicken cook will be even better.
  13. I need to get some egg rings. Awhile back Walmart had a breakfast griddle accessory set which included egg rings and a bacon press if I remember correctly. I should have bought it.
  14. So tonight I fired up the grill. Opened up the chicken and it smelled really bad. Into the trash it went. Oh crap what now? Mrs skreef to the rescue!! Down to the local Piggly Wiggly for some leg quarters. So we ended up with thighs and legs. I guess that makes leg quarters - LOL. Initially I fired the grill too hot. Having realized my mistake I shuffled the coals and chicken around a bit. Not bad for first attempt with the Grill Grates - Yea they can get screaming hot. Also some balsamic marinated cabbage.  And one for Instagram.
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