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  1. ckreef

    Wings: sauced or dry?

    Wings are looking good. I usually go dry for most of the cook then sauce at the very end.
  2. ckreef

    Chicken Shawarma

    Very tasty looking..
  3. ckreef

    Man Cave Meals Rubs

    They sound wonderful.
  4. ckreef

    New to Forum and just bought 1st Kamado

    Welcome aboard. Can't wait to see your first cook.
  5. There are no dealers for KK's. They are sold direct to the customer at what would be dealer pricing. But even us poor people own KK's. If you want one bad enough you'll figure out the money.
  6. ckreef

    Hinge bolts

    Four plus years of high humidity I would say you got your money's worth. Akorns were never built to last forever. Time to move on. Ceramic Akorn, vision or KJ roadshow.........just sayin
  7. ckreef

    Good for your heart

    Don't know about my heart and that food but that pan is good for my soul
  8. ckreef

    Smoke Ring Doesn’t Matter!!

    BTW that would be the kewlness factor And I totally agree.............
  9. They look good but I really liked your shot glass wings better
  10. I barely made it through the introduction. Nuff said........
  11. Chicken takes up a lot of smoke. Use just a few chunks of smoke wood mixed in with lump at the most. Apple would be fine just sounds like you used too much. With the top vent fully open you're letting all your heat escape and the kamado won't have a chance to heat up. You also will burn through a lot of lump that way. You need to get the coals going then start to close down the vents. Closing the top vent down a bit will trap the heat in the kamado and you're temperature will rise.
  12. If possible I would go Primo. The oval design will let you offer something the other local dealers don't have.
  13. ckreef

    A Quick Apple Pie

    Great looking pie. I love crumble toppings.
  14. ckreef

    Convertible WFO

    It's an interesting design but $1849? I think for the same money or maybe a little bit more you can get a more traditional WFO. Seems like the gadget of WFO's.
  15. ckreef

    Wood Fired Oven Videos

    @bel4_20 my response wasn't the best so let me respond a second time........ When looking online there are a bunch of WFO's. Some are kits and some are assembled. A lot of what you see is in the $5k - $10k range. Don't be discouraged there are more reasonably priced options (you just have to search around). Quite a few of us have WFO's even if we only post occasionally. Some have the multi fuel table top ovens. Others have larger more traditional WFO's on rolling carts. Mine is one that needs to be installed on some type of support. I think mine is the most expensive of the lot (I could be wrong but if I am not by much). Mine was just shy of $2,500 delivered. I thought it was very reasonably priced compared to what's out there. Even $2,500 sounds expensive but not really compared to a Big Joe, XL Green Egg or XL Primo. WFO's are fun and a challenge to properly tame live fire. You won't regret the purchase once you make the decision to pull the trigger.