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  1. The question was chicken breasts. I have never ever put a insta read or any other thermometer in a chicken breast. At 54 years old I've been grilling chicken breasts most of my life. You pull them when they are done. No thermometer needed. Screw it up once or twice and you'll learn. Rotisserie chicken in the KK also doesn't need a thermometer because you just can't kill it. And I have a series of posts where I intentionally tried but couldn't kill it. Sometimes with a whole chicken I'll put a thermometer in it but only sometimes. It's just chicken people. Learn to trust your instincts and experience. Just sayin..........
  2. Looks delicious, TY for the link. Might try my hand at it this weekend.
  3. I don't know, the painted edge looks good.
  4. Yea I had one a few months ago and thought the same thing.
  5. I do have a very crappy sliced shot. Md rare but not perfect edge to edge. Wasn't bad for first attempt in the WFO. Definitely a little trickier than in a kamado.
  6. I had nothing planned for Easter Sunday. Yea, bad daddy, bad husband. So I got Mrs skreef up early and we trucked off to a super large, 24 hour, Kroger. 35 minute drive. She wanted prime rib, so that it was. The first really nice day I didn't have to work in a long time so the WFO was the weapon of choice. A three bone, choice, bone-in roast on sale for $37 and change. I cut the bones off then tied them back on. Rubbed with fresh rosemary and thyme. Salt, pepper, and garlic. Veggies and rolls ready to go. Coming out of the WFO. Was an excellent unplanned meal. A few things I would do differently but not bad for first WFO attempt.
  7. That was your problem. Totally soaked with 91% will fire every time. Bacardi 151 will do in a pinch
  8. Great looking prime rib. I have 3 bone prime rib about to go in the WFO any minute now. Compared to the KJ Big Block what was the size pieces of the Jealous Devil?
  9. Excellent thread. Looks delicious
  10. Sounds like you have an air leak in the top vent. Regardless of brand of kamado if you shut down the top vent nothing should be leaking out of there.
  11. The procedure you outlined would work if your target temperature was 500* You defiantly lit way too much lump. Follow philpom's procedure and expect at least an hour to come to temp and stabilize. 175* is going to be tough even for veteran users. Also a decent sized brisket would take forever at 175* and actually never finish because it would never get above 175*. Shoot for 250* for first go round.
  12. Depending on the lump you use you should get 15-20 hours easily with a full load of lump.
  13. I like smaller chunks. The larger chunks can cause temperature spikes.
  14. ckreef

    Ordered one !

    I don't cook a lot of things rotisserie style but you really can't beat rotisserie chicken.
  15. I've never wanted the big box stores to assemble anything of mine. They assemble everything as fast as they can so they can move on to the next item. Bolts get stripped or not tightened, parts not lined up right, things left off, etc..... I know assembling things can be a pain and you shouldn't have to after spending a bunch of money but when you do it yourself at least you know it was done right.
  16. In my experience the smaller butts take just as long if not longer than a normal sized butt. There is no rule of thumb for butts unless you are cooking in a crock pot. With a live fire there are way too many variables for an accurate rule of thumb. The higher the cooking temp the closer you get to a rule of thumb.
  17. If you get 90 channels across your antenna there's no need for Hulu live TV. See, I just saved you about $32 a month - just sayin You know I'm just pulling your chain - right?
  18. I have an antenna but where I live maybe 10 stations. I also have Hulu and Netflix and watch both. @philpom not sure what Hulu you get, mine is only around $10 a month for the basic service.
  19. @K_sqrd that was a good one.
  20. Texture wise couldn't tell the difference. Still trying to get this idea perfected for the shortest cook time possible. If you don't mind a little longer cook time than this idea is already good to go. It is really nice going straight from the fridge, dess the pie then into the grill/oven. Takes all the guess work out of the timing issue and would really help with that using a WFO. Stay tuned I'm not done with this yet.
  21. Oh yeah we have them around where I live. When my son was younger we use to catch them in a jelly jar then put them on the counter to see how long they would live. A good six months without food.
  22. Crappy pictures but this is what I saw when I looked down.
  23. I understand the picture now. LOL
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