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  1. Fogo is free shipping to your doorstep. BBQ Guys is free shipping of Jealous Devil.
  2. Jealous Devil hasn't been tested yet. I have a bag on the way to the house. Will get it tested over the next few weeks.
  3. I've had a starter I've keep alive in my refrigerator for the last year or so. When needed I pull it out, feed it a couple of times then use what I need then back in the refrigerator. If I'm not going to use it I at least take it out every couple of weeks to feed it.
  4. No, stop worrying about it. Once you do a few chicken/hamburger cooks it'll be covered over and even rust will no longer be an issue. At this point the inside of my KK's is like looking into a black hole and they started out basically white.
  5. Like philpom said make sure there's no chips to get in the food and Grill on. It's not going to affect anything. Soon enough it'll turn black and you'll hardly even notice it.
  6. Your doing a lot of tweaking - time to get her dirty
  7. If that was going to happen I would suggest a baking and cooking, pans or dishes. It would include more which should get more posting in it.
  8. Looks great. Iove a low Country boil.
  9. Just curious what new harder charcoal are you talking about? This thread was from Nov/Dec of 2017.
  10. I thought I was looking at pork belly at first. Great cook.5
  11. Fogo Quebracho final results have been posted. A good long burn at 30:46 and very stable all the way to the end. I have 3 more lumps I want to try, Komodo Kamado CoffeeChar, Jealous Devil and Fogo Brazilian Eucalyptus. Currently only have one of the three sitting at the house so I'll probably take a break next weekend to give me time to get the other two lumps.
  12. LOL on Cracker Barrel. You know how much I love Cracker Barrel - Not
  13. I have a gallon jug of peanut oil in the pantry. A large bottle of Grape seed oil in the cabinet. At least 2 different versions of olive oil. It's all about the best oil for the job.
  14. I actually have a mini fridge I setup for dry ageing but it's currently a beer fridge Lots of people on here use the bags and they work. This would not make a good candidate for dry ageing. It's been trimmed well and you really want one that is bone on. Besides I doubt it's going to hang around long enough for any of that. Just had other things planned for today.
  15. It's not a bad app. It takes a few minutes to register the ambient temperature and then a few more minutes to calculate the time remaining. It's fairly accurate and you can time your sides off of it as long as it's getting a good ambient temperature reading. Really large pieces of meat (Boston butt etc..) can inhibit the ambient temperature if you don't place the probe in the right spot.
  16. For me it went from a one trick pony to a two trick pony The way I did this pork loin on the Nuke Delta grill would work really well for a monster thick steak. It just so happens I picked up this boneless chunk of Choice grade ribeye yesterday. Not sure when I'm going to carve it up but it has monster thick ribeye written all over it. For now it's just sitting in the fridge wet aging. Maybe today, probably next weekend but I have no issues letting it wet age a month or so.
  17. As you probably know, I bought a Smokeware cap for my Primo Oval Jr. The Jr originally came with a traditional daisy wheel vent. I got the Smokeware for two reasons: 1) the rain cap feature for when I take the Jr on vacation, 2) it doesn't change adjustment when I open the dome. I would never consider changing back. I think over time where to set the Smokeware cap for different temperatures will become second nature and not having graduations will no longer be an issue for repetitive results.
  18. Yea Mrs skreef really loves me when a new grill arrives - LOL I'm currently at my limit - of course I said that two grills ago - but really I mean it this time - LOL
  19. My saying........ Good lump isn't cheap....... Cheap lump isn't good........
  20. Whatever is in there I'm positive it's not user replaceable. With that said I'm not sure it's a battery. It could be a micro super capacitor. Whatever it is it's small, small, small. It has to fit in the probe end.
  21. In the bottom of the Meater + unit is 1 AAA alkaline battery. That runs the Meater + unit and recharges the probe. Just a std replaceable AAA battery. Most likely the other units are setup in a similar fashion.
  22. That looks fantastic. Getting me primed for dinner. Swordfish in the Wood Fired Oven is on the menu for tonight.
  23. Fogo Quebracho L-n-S is underway, bottom of post #4. I usually wait until Saturday afternoon to start these tests. Today I decided to start this Saturday morning before me and Mrs skreef went shopping.
  24. The plate installed or not doesn't change the thermal efficiency of a kamado regardless of brand. It does change the airflow. The plate will be a more restrictive airflow. As the holes in the plate start to clog (from ash on a long cook) more air can bypass the firebox entirely by going up between the firebox and base. I personally think you would be better off leaving the plate out and refiguring your vent settings.
  25. It's no secret, I don't really like my Meater +. My opinion is definitely tainted after being jerked around for 3 years with their kickstarter campaign. I originally ordered it for rotisserie cooks and for that application it's the only device on the market and that's where it excels. But I have a few better options for my kamados and wood fired oven so it doesn't get much use. Well last night I got a brilliant idea to use it in my NuKe Delta grill. I fired up the Nuke Delta grill with my grill grates and got it screaming hot. I did a quick 4 sided sear on a chunk of pork loin. I then inserted the Meater + and moved the pork loin off to the side to finish cooking with the lid down. It calculated 36 minutes to finish. Here is the Meater app monitoring the cook from my porch. When it got down to 15 minutes remaining I put a small CI skillet on the hot side and started cooking some sizzle corn. When it was time to dredge in the homemade rosemary Peach glaze I switched positions to get the pork loin back over the hot side, careful to keep the Meater out towards the edge so I didn't break it. This application worked really well for the Meater + unit especially with rolling the pork loin around in the glaze. It now gets a little redemption. Dinner was fantastic. I'm really falling in love with the Nuke Delta grill. The cover makes indirect cooking a breeze by trapping the heat above the cook while you still get heat coming up from the fire bricks below.
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