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  1. About 12" give or take. Single person pies.
  2. First time stretching looks like a reasonably good job and they look tasty.
  3. I've done this dough recipe in a few different grills. In a kamado I think a stone temp of 500* - 550* is more than adequate. Too high of a stone temp and your top won't be cooked before the bottom starts to burn. I have a picture tutorial for this dough recipe in the pizza recipe section of this forum. Check it out.
  4. Thank you Kismet. First attempt in this oven defiantly not first attempt with that dough. Yea the accessory idea is the way to go. I'm sure you could use that idea from time to time - LOL
  5. Not too much lump, looks about right to me. Vents are open too much. You probably need about the width of a credit card not a finger. Kamados are so efficient that when you get them lit they really need just a smidgen of air to maintain a low temperature.
  6. Do you have a 50 Amp hookup and water. I want to come to your resort
  7. Here is the results from my first try with the CampChef Artisan Outdoor Oven. A couple pizzas for lunch. I followed the King Arthur Artisan Pizza Dough Tutorial because that is almost fool proof. Very pleased with the results especially for first attempt with the oven. Pepperoni and green peppers. Sausage, pepperoni, green peppers, and jalapeño. The bottom crust and crumb. An awesome addition to my camping arsenal and I can't get in trouble for buying a new grill since I already had the CampChef and this is just an accessory - LOL
  8. Thanks for that. I'll get a final camper count in a week or so. This event won't last longer and this is a campground with a predominantly older crowd whose appetite probably isn't what a predominantly younger crowd would have. I'll give this some more thought once I get a head count.
  9. Either pre-cook the butts at home on the KK or there's a pellet grill there I can use. Haven't decided. I have 24 lbs of Boston butt. After cooking I figure 15-18 lbs. With 1/4 - 1/3 pound sandwiches I figure 50+ sandwiches plus sides of course. Does that sound like enough or should I get more meat?
  10. I rarely cook for a crowd but like you, John, I cooked for me and Mrs skreef's wedding reception. Pulled pork, beans and what not. I definitely didn't want to eat someone else's mediocre food. Now I've gone and volunteered to cook for a private campground we're going to the first week of August. The owners are really kewl and they squeezed us in recently when they had a fully booked weekend. They have 30 campsites and we'll cook on a Wednesday. I'm figuring probably 50 people. I'm scared just thinking about it.
  11. Long time no post but I haven't had anything exciting to post and I've been busy at work. Figured this was exciting enough to post. CampChef Pz60 Artisan Outdoor Oven. Big box. Almost fully assembled. It has a fairly nice pizza stone 26" x 13" x 1/2" In CampChef fashion it has a pyramid style bottom with holes to help evenly distribute the heat across the stone. There is also holes towards the ends that allow heat to go around the stone to heat the dome. This fits my 2 burner CampChef Explorer. This was supposed to deliver next week but when we got home from work yesterday it was sitting on the porch. Threw it in the truck and off to a local State park for the 4th of July weekend. Will run up to the the store today and get some supplies to make a couple of pizzas for lunch tomorrow. Will post some action pictures hopefully tomorrow.
  12. Been really busy so I haven't been around much lately and even less time to grill out. Both the Konro and PKGO can cook identical skewers. There are a few things that I think make the Konro more suitable. On my Konro I don't use the wire screens so my skewers are suspended in the air. I prefer it this way. I suppose one could setup something similar in the PKGO but most people probably just put their skewers on the Grates. The long thin design also makes it easier for 4-6 people to sit around the grill and cook their own skewers. My current home and work life has changed significantly. Because of that my Konro has been packed back into it's original box and stored in a closet so nothing happens to it until a future time. Meanwhile my PKGO is stored in the 5th wheel and gets used a few times per month when we go camping. Two completely different grills that can cook the same thing but really have different uses (if that made any sense). Besides one more grill never hurt anybody unless of course your wife hurt you for buying yet another grill (a distinct possibility at my house - LOL) @gotzero congratulations on the new Konro. A great looking grill.
  13. Interesting rice cook. Looks delicious.
  14. Great rolls. They are so easy and fast Mrs skreef makes them all the time.
  15. Great looking pizzas. A good use for small CI pans.
  16. What a shame you didn't eat an awesome scallop meal - LOL - but I knew how this post was going to end when starting reading it.
  17. Interesting dish. Never made black rice before.
  18. Great looking meatballs. For the last year or so I've been on the XL meatball idea (usually 6 oz each). It's just easier then a bunch of little ones.
  19. We have another 10 or so years before retirement but for now our goal is camping once a month. We managed that last year so hopefully we can make it happen this year. One of the reasons we upgraded to this 5th wheel is the ability to full time in it. Maybe one day.
  20. Dry the chicken with paper towels. No oil. Sprinkle on your favorite seasoning. Cook at 400* indirect for 20 - 30 minutes skin side down then 20 - 30 minutes skin side up (actual time depends on the cut you're cooking.) Crispy skin every time. Chicken skin has enough oil you don't need to add any extra
  21. First quick trip this weekend. Currently sitting under the awning, full belly and a jazzed up coffee with Kahula, Irish cream and Makers Mark. For a bonus Monday marks 2 weeks after me and Mrs skreef's 2nd covid shot. Life is good. @KismetKamado here is the requested Mrs skreef picture along with a steak that just came off the PKGO grill. Hopefully you see this John. In the Susan picture the PKGO is open cooling down after the steak cook. Unfortunately using my smartphone doesn't allow me to tag you in posts.
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