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  1. I just down loaded and went through the manual. I hope these things come at least partially assembled. The assembly procedure is pretty intense. Doesn't scare me but I'm guessing some people would be overwhelmed. Only a 1 year warranty for $500 :( And it doesn't cover paint burning off.
  2. I told Mrs skreef, "it's only one more grill and it's only $500". She threatened to take my debit card away. She'll have to pry it from my cold stiff fingers - LOL
  3. You are missing out on two of the finer things in life - BBQ life that is
  4. All tests have been completed and the appropriate posts have been updated. Will post my personal conclusion within the next day or two.
  5. Good explanation video. It's what I thought was going on.
  6. That was a totally awesome video. Thanks for sharing. Vinegar pepper sauce with lots of lemon - looks similar to what I've used for a mop in the past. Making my mouth water. I've been threatening Mrs skreef I'm going to make a pit in the yard..........
  7. I saw that price. Seems reasonable enough to me except it doesn't include funeral arrangements - which I'll need if this shows up at the Bistro.
  8. @pesto3 looks great but we definitely need a little more details - please
  9. We love your cream corn recipe. I usually start with 2 cups whole kernel in the blender and another cup whole kernel added in the heating phase. The only real tweak is 1/8 cup of honey instead of 1/4 cup. It's the only cream corn we have eaten in the last 8 months or so. TY for the awesome recipe.
  10. I trust your reviews regardless of what some people might think.
  11. Mrs skreef has made numerous kamado cakes including a 3 layer carrot cake. It's on here somewhere. She entered it in a vegetable challenge.
  12. Great looking leftover dish. I knew you had a one in you just dieing to get out
  13. Good first attempt - they'll only get better.
  14. Half the reason why I make pulled pork is so I can make Brunswick Stew. Also the homemade cream corn takes Cornbread to a new height.
  15. TY @lnarngr I couldn't stop at Brunswick Stew, I've posted that cook numerous times in the past. Figured I could take a step higher.
  16. Brunswick Pot Pie Brunswick Stew with a Cornbread top cooked pot pie fashion. This was a three part cook. Part 1 happened about 6 weeks ago which resulted in chunks of kamado pulled port leftover in the freezer. Part 2 happened on Sunday. Brunswick Stew made with the leftover pulled pork and slow cooked in a open top Dutch oven for about 8 hours in my 19" Komodo Kamado with a few Hickory chunks. Part 3 the final cook happened on Tuesday. I started by making homemade cream corn. I used my favorite Kamado Guru recipe from @philpom I then started to put together the Brunswick Pot Pie. I made a very simple corn bread using Jiffy, the cream corn, and an egg. Put the Brunswick Stew in a ceramic pie dish and added a layer of the Cornbread mixture on top. Cooked in my 19" Komodo Kamado until golden brown and bubbly. A double leftover meal is served.
  17. Never done fish kabobs. Looks delicious. Also that pearl couscous is looking spot on.
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