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  1. ckreef

    BBQ Shed

    Don't tease me like that - LOL
  2. Yes it's crazing. Won't hurt anything. Leave it alone and don't worry about it. BTW - welcome to Kamado Guru.
  3. That's a Richard Johnson kamado and looks to be in exceptionally good condition. You need to work on the spring assist more. It definitely needs to be where it closes right every time even if it won't stay open correctly. Definitely not too much fuel/lump. My guess is you lit too much and were a bit impatient bringing it up to temp. It overshot then you started playing with the vents to much. If it got stable at 280* I would have gone with that. Nothing wrong with 280* for low-n-slow. Just go with what the kamado wants as long as it's in the 225*-300* range. You did good getting that one back up and running.
  4. Wow that is a fantastic stuff it cook. My kind of dish. Don't forget to post the entry.
  5. Not sure what temp you're talking about but a lower temperature is probably not the answer for direct on grate trying to get crispy skin. Keep the temperature up and try and get something between the grates and under the fish to lift the fish straight up. If it's sticking its not ready yet. Once the skin is ready it'll lift off without sticking.
  6. ckreef

    BBQ Shed

    Really nice job on the BBQ Shed. Will you come to my house and build me one
  7. That's true but some BBQ schedules are post in the winter for the upcoming spring/summer.
  8. Go to this thread and copy the full url from your browser. Then go and create your entry. When working in the entry thread just paste the copied url and it should format properly. Do Not hit the button to post an unformatted link. I went and edited your entry with this method.
  9. Individual plate. My plate - no sharing - LOL
  10. Thank you @lunchman. Some of this I'm really doing for my own knowledge. In the end seeing if I can confirm (or not) what I basically assumed. Hopefully others will find some value in all this.
  11. Updated post #4 with the RO XL Cut times, and pictures.
  12. Exit 352, Chevron on the east side.
  13. Nice detailed write up. You have on grill pictures and a money shot so you're good for an entry. Looks tasty.
  14. Great looking pictures and nice looking table/cart.
  15. TY @keeperovdeflame for the links. It looked like a really awesome oven. Next time we visit my sister we will be eating pizza on the way down.
  16. It's Raneir Cherry season again. They are a hybrid cherry with very limited harvest. You will only be able to get them another 2 weeks or so. Get em while you can. If you've never had a Raneir cherry they are super sweet and taste more like a peach than a cherry. Mother Nature's finest candy. Do yourself a favor and get some while you can. Warning: Raneir Cherries are extremely addictive - you've been warned 6 lbs Just shy of 5 lbs. Pitted, cut in half, and ready for the first freezer stage.
  17. Did a little summer cleaning. Everything packed on the porch: 19" table top KK 16" table top KK BBQ storage Sm 2 burner griddle Covered single stove burner LG Konro Yakatori grill sitting down in picnic table. Primo Oval Jr with storage drawers underneath. Standing on the porch looking out is the Wood Fired Oven.
  18. Something different instead of plain Spaghetti and meatballs. Didn't want them floating in oil.
  19. Definitely a good use for smaller tomatoes.
  20. Really great stuffed lobster cook money shot looks fantastic.
  21. I've wanted to try this for awhile now. Italian Meatballs stuffed in tomatoes. The meatball ingredients. Mix up the Italian meatball filling. I used Roma tomatoes because Kroger didn't have the tomatoes I was looking for. Cut the tops off the tomatoes and using a grapefruit spoon corred them. Stuff with the meatball mixture and poked three small holes in the bottom so the fat could drain out. Used a popper holder to hold the tomatoes. Meanwhile made homemade Spaghetti sauce. Indirect on the 19" KK at around 375* for about 40 minutes. Served with some noodles and fresh grated parmesan cheese. This was a really easy cook. Will definitely do this one again.
  22. Interesting challange idea. I bet it was tasty.
  23. When you see that picture you can imagine how this happens - TY for posting the picture @LargeRedJoe
  24. Back from vacation time to get back on the lump comparisons. Low-n-slow RO XL Cut is going on now and should finish sometime tomorrow. For now you can check out the live graph - bottom of post #4 on page #1
  25. My guess it's a brick from one of their kilns. Have you seen the pictures or watched the video about their kilns. KJ lump is not made in a modern American kiln. They are rustic old world style kilns down in South America. I'm not knocking this, it just is what it is. Pieces coming off the inside of the kilns just happens, it's understandable. They try and cull them out but sometimes a piece gets missed.
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