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  1. Welcome to Kamado Guru. Why does everyone call it a hobby? I call it dinner
  2. Yes too little kindling and too big of logs in the beginning will cause a bunch of smoke. Once going good it'll burn just about anything. I fill it up, fire it up and walk away for 15 or 20 minutes. After that it's usually going good and very little smoke from then on. Try and keep your logs under the rim if possible. I did have a fire wood place cut and split me logs 14"-16" long, that seems like the sweet size.
  3. Awesome cook. You had me worried. LOL
  4. Welcome back @In2Fish we've missed your cooks. No better time to come back than at start of a challenge series. Now if we could only get @KismetKamado (a challenge moderator) to come back.......... Anywho great cook and great entry. Stick around this is going to be an interesting challenge series.
  5. Great looking meatball sun and upside down cake. Awesome entry.
  6. Great looking fish cook. Great entry.
  7. Regardless it was a good story, non fiction or not.
  8. Mr Ron, maybe your wife should try her baking skills on the Kamado. You could help her through the Kamado part of it. I'm with you on the orange flavoring, it tasted way better than I thought it would.
  9. I would say absolutely yes. I would use it on a wood deck without worry. The way it's designed (with the air flow) and the riser it just doesn't get hot at ground level.
  10. I have that book. Most of those recipes are way too involved for most people. There are a few good techniques and a few good recipes otherwise not a great cook book.
  11. Generally speaking it radiates heat fairly well. If you get it going really good it radiates a lot of heat. It burns so clean it doesn't spark much. They do make a really nice looking top screen to keep any stray embers in. I don't have the screen and I burn this fairly close to the house and never worried about it but the screen would give you added protection. Also with the riser you can use it on your lawn without scorching the grass underneath.
  12. No formal conclusion was posted. Lump from South American hardwoods is superior to lump made from North American hardwoods. South American hardwood trees are denser wood to begin with. My top 3 lumps from South American hardwoods are: KJ Big Block Jealous Devil Fogo Quebracho
  13. TY @KismetKamado the location was a real WOW! The best site in the campground. Really can't ask for more from a campsite.
  14. It's a winding road into the campground but Wow! Check out this huge river front site I got! Now onto some cooks I did over Memorial weekend. All these were either cooked on my CampChef setup or in the Travel Trailer oven. Cheesecake stuffed peaches for desert. For a snack I made some fried provolone with Italian herbs and a pinch of garlic. A few breakfast cooks. When you don't have a toaster, no worries. Griddle toast with eggs and home fries. Pancakes with peach chunks and a homemade peach mapple syrup I canned last year. The star of the breakfast cooks was thick cut French toast stuffed with sweet cheese and lingonberries with a blueberry syrup. Onto a few dinners. We assembled this pulled pork mac and cheese a few weeks ago and froze it in the ceramic dish. Just needed to defrost it and put it in the oven. I also made an impromptu Orange Habanero BBQ sauce to go with it. Pork chops on the CampChef grill box. And lastly Bronx Bombers. I've made and posted these in the past but knew they would work good in the extra small travel trailer oven. Awesome Memorial weekend trip in a great campground. See you next month.
  15. Different from mom's - still looks good. Great entry.
  16. You won't be sorry you made the purchase. Used our the last 2 nights.
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