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  1. It's all a matter of priorities and perspective. Plenty of people own hot rod cars (read as really expensive) but claim they can't afford a KK. I can't afford a hot rod but I own 2 KK's. Priorities and perspective.
  2. Just move to GA. Nothing causes cancer in GA. Everything man built and most everything in nature causes cancer............. but only if you live in California.
  3. Glad you tried dwell in the shell. Once I discovered that method it's the only way I've cooked tails. Just thinking about it makes me want to go out tomorrow and get some tails.
  4. Dang it man!!! I look at the total number of videos, figure it's at least 5 min average per video. That equals about 1-2 hours of cooking per video minimum with 2-3 hours of editing per video......... Dang it man!!! My math may be a little off but not by too far. I had no idea you had that much content out in the world and the shear amount of time you devoted to it.
  5. I doubt they make their own lump. Most likely a rebrand. The question is what did they rebrand? I'm Jealous Devil all the way. Get it from BBQGuys.com with free shipping.
  6. Great video. I love my PKGO grill. I'm definitely getting the hang of temperature management on it. I just got back from a 5 night camping trip with 5 total people. It performed flawlessly. Will have to get a rack of lamb next time me and Mrs skreef go camping.
  7. Welcome back and congratulations on the new BJ
  8. Merry Christmas everyone. @keeperovdeflame hope your BIL pulls through the surgery successfully.
  9. Was it a true pork shoulder cut or was it a Boston Butt cut. They are slightly different. A shoulder cut is what you would make spiral hams out of. A Boston Butt is what you would make pulled pork from. Either way 2 kg is a small chunk of meat. Normally with a Boston butt I would say you pulled it out too early at 195*. It sounds counter intuitive but letting it go to the 200*-203* range will allow more internal fat to render down giving you a more moist final product. Also you didn't say how long you let it rest for. I would have let it rest at least 2 hours. If you
  10. ckreef

    RV build

    Coming along nicely
  11. Geocaching - A dragon house? Somebody needed to post a random picture.
  12. Personally I wish they were English subtitles so I knew what they said. Yes I can follow along without words but I'd rather know the words.
  13. I am definitely NOT a fan of low-n-slow poultry. Poultry takes on a lot of smoke and low-n-slow will never get you Crispy skin. 10 hours seems really excessive for any poultry cook.
  14. Grills will get pulled back out from time to time if needed. Mostly the Konro. I was just scared that eventually something would happen on the porch and it would get damaged. It took 3 years to finally come off back order status so I don't want to take a chance with it. I still have the WFO and Santa Maria style grill out in the garden. Of course the PKGO and CampChef are hanging out in the trailer for camping trips.
  15. I know you don't actually think I sold all my grills. Only two grills left on the porch that is. 16" Komodo Kamado, Primo Oval Jr, LG Konro, and special side burner setup have all been cleaned up and are in storage in a spare room in the house. What's left on the porch is my 19" Komodo Kamado and my Blackstone Pro series griddle. Let's not forget my picnic table with a large rectangular hole in the middle where the Konro use to reside - LOL I guess this is a testament of what grills I use the most.
  16. Great looking meal and effort. As for those tubes of Basil, Cilantro, Garlic etc.... I keep a bunch in the refrigerator and use them all the time. They taste pretty fresh and are easy to deal with. Definitely better than dried.
  17. Yes I agree - no point in punishing everyone for a couple of bad apples.
  18. I've worked that problem out. The real issue was my extra long low rider. It's extra long and steel so doesn't work right on bike racks. Both bikes go in the back of the pickup truck. When towing the trailer I need to remove the low rider front wheel (no big deal). The PKGO will either go in the front pass through storage or on the rug in the bathroom (haven't decided yet). No worries both bikes and the PKGO will travel.
  19. Looking forward to another salad with the apple cider vinaigrette
  20. I had 2 long Grill Grates panels that I no longer use so I brought out the angle grinder with cutoff wheel and away I went. Came out pretty good. It doesn't slide around and if you look towards the back of the picture you can see my probe and probe holder. Did some leg quarters Saturday night with this setup using Jealous Devil lump. Worked really well. Also someone else I know figured out that a 1/4 sized steamer pan opened up a bit fits down on the lump rack off to one side making a drip pan and two zone setup.
  21. Fantastic meal and the soup came out especially good.
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