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  1. Crab stuffed scallops served with cream corn and Ciabatta crustini's. 


    My COVID-19 Challenge 





    Started by making a rustic ciabatta biga. 





    After a 24 hour biga counter rise I mixed up the main ingredients then did a 4 part stretch and fold. Into the refrigerator for a couple of days. 





    The ciabatta in my new Emile Henry pan. 





    Making crustini's





    Cream corn from a recipe by @philpom. I guess he never envisioned it made with powdered milk - Anything for a challenge cook B)





    Stuffed scallops. The large ones stuffed with crab the small ones with salmon. 







    The crab version turned out good. The salmon ones tasted like tuna and were sort of yucky. 







  2. 59 minutes ago, skreef said:

    Next week looking like off for me. Got a few projects that needs to get done,so once I get @ckreefdone with those projects, I can lay my whip down to actually maybe paint some.


    Yea but I have to work next week. I'll get your sweetie to do list ready for you before I go to work Monday morning. B)


  3. 59 minutes ago, Vanole said:

    Very nice ck... Have done pizza camping in the past...but none ever looked as good as yours. My go to arrival dinner in the motorhome was a pot roast cooking away in a crockpot enroute (crockpot nestled in the sink). My snowbird neighbors came to expect it annually upon arrival at Larry & Penny Thompson.



    We store the upright paper towel dispenser and a single pod coffee maker in the sink for travel. Will have to look into the crock pot idea although I'd need a 12 volt crock pot. 



  4. Did a weekend local camping trip this past weekend. Homemade pizza seemed like a easy travel day cook.

    This is a Detroit style pizza except sausage and green pepper instead of pepperoni. Cooked in a Lloyd's Grandma Pan. The night before we left I made some sauce and a batch of dough. The dough did an overnight refrigerator rise. Thursday after work just before we left I took the dough out of the refrigerator to give it a few hours to come to room temperature. After we got setup at the campsite all I had to do was stretch the dough in the pan, add the toppings, then pop it in the Furrion oven. 20 minutes or so later pizza was served.

    I do believe pizza will become a regular travel day dinner as it was really easy to deal with and not much work at the campsite.










  5. 4 hours ago, BBP8100 said:

    Hi, I plan to buy a KK and am doing some research as the KK is an expensive purchase. My questions:


    Do the gaskets need replacement over time? How long?

    There are no service outlets in my country. Are the gaskets replaceable by an ordinary owner with no experience?



    Yes eventually the gaskets will need replacing but I've had 2 KK's for years now, they get a lot of use, and I haven't replaced the gaskets yet. The gaskets are user replaceable and they give you a spare set of gaskets when you buy a KK. 


    If you are contemplating buying a KK I would suggest you call Dennis. He'll usually answer the phone between 1-3 pm EST. He's a super nice guy, will answer all your questions, and he won't throw you a sales pitch. 


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