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  1. Well that's mine and it's going to lose its virginity on the grill if I'm feeling nice I might let Mrs skreef use it in the oven. LOL
  2. Comes with a nice steamer top. Not sure when it'll get its maiden voyage. Going away this weekend so it might have to wait for the following weekend. Yea I'm a sucker for ceramic pans
  3. I have 3 kamados, a Blackstone griddle, and an open fire Yakitori grill on my wood deck, covered porch. Kamados are the least of your worries.
  4. At least you tried. Go easy in the beginning with some forgivable cuts until you get things figured out.
  5. Heck Yea that's the way to rock out a wacky challenge. Great entry.
  6. ckreef

    RV build

    Great project. Will be following this thread.
  7. Definitely an interesting cook. They'd be proud of you in Hawaii. Great entry.
  8. I have one of the higher end upright FoodSaver units. It does a decent job for around $165. I think with a $200 budget you should be able to get something decent. I would check reviews on whatever your thinking about.
  9. You all have it all wrong. At this point my grill shelves have way more ceramic/enamel pans then the kitchen. We borrow from the grill shelves when we cook in the kitchen. A while ago I posted a picture of all my ceramic grill pans. I thought it was an impressive picture. At this point I have a bit more. Even have a fancy ceramic ciabatta bread dish on order, can't wait to try it out. I might let it be used in the kitchen oven every once in a while - LOL
  10. It's a good bit to read for sure. If you look at the results for each section it gets easier to come to your own personal conclusions.
  11. Last day to vote. If you haven't done so already please take a few minutes to look over the great entries and vote for your favorite. Thank You
  12. Great video and great looking pizza.
  13. You didn't mention what type of lump that was but it looks like it was a really bad bag. Huge pieces and a bunch of smalls. KAB's are awesome and buy better lump. Better lump not only burns longer but also burns cleaner leaving less ash to clog things up.
  14. Good deal on the review. I know you've posted this before but can you post a link to where someone can but one of these.
  15. As you know we run monthly cooking challenges on Kamado Guru and we need everyone's help deciding who the winner is. Even if you didn't participate in the challenge we would like you to participate in the voting. Go to the thread below and checkout the 16 entries. If you want more details on an entry click on that entries post link. Once you've checked out the entries go back to the top of the thread and choose your favorite entry. The more votes the better the challenge. Click the link below to vote. Thank you in advance
  16. Welcome to Kamado Guru. Why does everyone call it a hobby? I call it dinner
  17. Yes too little kindling and too big of logs in the beginning will cause a bunch of smoke. Once going good it'll burn just about anything. I fill it up, fire it up and walk away for 15 or 20 minutes. After that it's usually going good and very little smoke from then on. Try and keep your logs under the rim if possible. I did have a fire wood place cut and split me logs 14"-16" long, that seems like the sweet size.
  18. Awesome cook. You had me worried. LOL
  19. Welcome back @In2Fish we've missed your cooks. No better time to come back than at start of a challenge series. Now if we could only get @KismetKamado (a challenge moderator) to come back.......... Anywho great cook and great entry. Stick around this is going to be an interesting challenge series.
  20. Great looking meatball sun and upside down cake. Awesome entry.
  21. Great looking firepit/grill.
  22. Great looking fish cook. Great entry.
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