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  1. That was a great entry. I haven't even come up with an idea yet.
  2. It sounds really good but I was disappointed that there wasn't a picture
  3. Great looking porterhouse.
  4. Georgia's shelter in place order expired Thursday night at midnight. So we had a impromptu trip this weekend to a local rv park. Grabbed a few groceries from the house and headed out after work on Friday. Great weather and a really nice rv park. We had a great weekend. Here are a few pictures.
  5. I like the super cheapie tongs that have the metal ring that slides up to keep them closed.
  6. Come on now - if you make that video you need to post it - we all want to see it
  7. Awesome looking slice! I would throw you some friendly cuss words about how awesome that slice looks but they'd probably bann my ars............ LOL
  8. Congratulations on moving up in the world. Food looks great.
  9. If your dough is a little chilly it doesn't stretch that good. Dough should be at room temperature. Coming out of the refrigerator that's going to take 3-4 hours to get to room temperature.
  10. I never pull leftover Boston butt. Vacuum seal in big chunks. Reheat the vacuum seal bag in boiling water then pull just before eating. Your guests will think you cooked it earlier that day.
  11. I've owned numerous Akorn Jr's and currently own a Primo Oval Jr with GO cradle. With that said my vote is for a Blackstone griddle or equivalent. You still have a full sized Kamado so that base is covered. You'd get a ton of use from a good griddle (bigger than a one burner tabletop). I venture you'd use a nice griddle more than your full sized Akorn.
  12. Wanted to try this one again. Added a few toppings this time. This is becoming my favorite pan dough. I think it came out better than the first one.
  13. Tasty looking ribeye. Board sauce is a great technique.
  14. Every time we fire it up I tell Mrs skreef it's one of the best purchases we've ever made. And I've made a lot of outdoor grill/fire purchases. That statement is not an exaggeration.
  15. I pre ordered one. I trust Thermoworks to make a quality product. Plus my ear thermometer went kaputs so all I have now, in the house, is an under the tongue version. I needed this even without the beer virus.
  16. They are also coming out with a new no touch forehead thermometer. Taking pre orders to ship early May.
  17. Flame Kissed Tri-tip with homemade slaw and some onion potatoes. In these trying times you might not have all the ingredients you want. Improvisation is the key to an awesome meal. It was a gorgeous day. After the forward sear I slide the grate over to the side and inserted a temperature probe. About 30 minutes later I pulled it with a IT of 130*.
  18. My friend from Canada not only sends me Mapple Sugar from Canada but also Maple syrup from Canada.
  19. Thank you len440. Mrs skreef loved them. She told me way better than the country style ribs I cooked a couple of weeks ago. Delicious!!!
  20. You won't be sorry. This will be my preferred method for country style ribs going forward. So many possibilities for different flavors.
  21. I got this idea from a video @Team402posted. Thank you for that I had some country style ribs and thought this would be something a bit different. Will definitely do this cook again. Country style ribs poked with peach balsamic vinegar, added some BBQ RUB, then low-n-slow at 230*. Pulled at a IT of around 150*. About 2 1/2 hours. Chopped them into 1" squares and put in a dish. Sprinkled on SOME more rub, mapple sugar (courtesy from a friend in Canada), two different BBQ sauces, and some butter. Covered in foil then back on the Komodo Kamado at 300*. After an hour or so more dinner is ready. Yummy.
  22. TY @Vanole, I had most of the main ingredients, just had to do a few substitutions. My son is home from college so that was a good sized paella pan but it would be a bit big to take camping for just me and Mrs skreef. So that prompted me to buy a smaller 10" paella pan. On a side note the La Tienda website where I ordered the pan has been hit hard. Looks like about 75% of their website is out of stock. I was able to get the pan and another bag of rice but not the Bomba rice I wanted (all out of stock). I had to settle for Calasparra rice which should work just fine.
  23. Not the prettiest paella I've made but not bad for an impromptu cook scrounging ingredients from the house. Cooked on a CampChef burner. Yup camping in the backyard again but what else is there to do with a shelter in place order.
  24. This is my original Nuke Delta grill post. Flat iron steak over open flame. This next one is ribeye filets cooked on the Nuke Delta grill using Grill Grates. Can't see the wood fire, it's down under the Grill Grates but you can see that awesome wood smoke coming up through the Grill Grates. In this cook I did a hot fast sear then slid the Grill Grates over to the side to finish off low-n-slow. https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/43310-ribeye-filets/
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