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  1. These days I rarely cook steaks any other way but it was Easter dinner and it was raining so I made the best of it.
  2. These were done over lump charcoal using Grill Grates. I also have a Argentine style grill that is open flame using wood splits. I have Grill Grates for that grill also. Grill Grates gives nice consistent grill marks which I suppose adds to the overall flavor. In my opinion open flame using wood splits definitely gives the best flavor (Grill Grates or not). I would have done those steaks on the Argentine grill but it was raining and that grill sits out in the yard. My kamados are on a covered porch.
  3. LMAO - I need Mrs skreef to watch that so she knows I'm not the only one who cusses up a storm from time to time.
  4. @T_om I've been on this forum a long time now - we've been down this road before - it never ends well so we're not going down this road again. @ckreef the moderator who has never owned a KJ just locked this thread.
  5. Welcome back @Lumpy_Coal
  6. I'm a huge fan of a forward sear. Comes out perfect every time. I'll let Mrs skreef know you liked the desert, it was awesome.
  7. Plenty of cats running around my yard Shhhhhhh.......... Don't tell Mrs skreef I said that - LOL
  8. That's kewl. I'd use something like that. I frequently make a bunch of patties to freeze for later.
  9. Looks good but you'd be a mess trying to eat PB&J with that bread. I'd say you're really close.
  10. I've noticed the grocery store are low on a bunch of different meats in my area. Chicken and meat shortages mainly. With Smithfield closing down plants pork shortages are soon to follow. This past weekend I went by a small local butcher. They were practicing good social distancing. You had to wait outside 6 feet apart. They only allowed 10 customers in the butcher shop at any one time. They had an employee at the door. As one customer left they let the next customer in. They had 6 foot separators on the floor making a circle past the meat counter and leading to the cash register by the door. You stood on your spot and the line moved from spot to spot. Since they buy mostly local their meat counter was fully stocked with chicken, beef, and pork. A little pricey compared to the grocery stores but they had everything you could want. They even had fresh local vegetables for sale. A small mom and pop butcher shop who inturn was supporting the local farmers. When the grocery stores supplies are drying up check out the your local butcher.
  11. One Kamado is definitely not enough and if 2 is better than 1, than 3 is better than 2. Not that you couldn't do it with 1 or even 2 Kamados, 3 just makes it easier. Potatoes and carrots on a Primo Oval Jr When those were close to done I did a 500* forward sear on the 16" Komodo Kamado using Grill Grates. I then moved them over to the 19" Komodo Kamado to finish low-n-slow. I pulled them at a IT of 130*. Almost ready to pull. While all that was going on Mrs skreef made a cheesecake with peach topping. Dinner and desert was served.
  12. It was a really beautiful day which prompted me to use the WFO instead of a Kamado.
  13. Cooking in the WFO is fun. I am a big fan of Lloyd Pans and have a few different sizes and shapes. That is my biggest one and I have a top for it which makes stretching and resting really easy.
  14. @KismetKamado I guess you're the only person on Guru that still likes pizza. Very sad.
  15. Wanted to try out this new recipe. I mixed up the dough Thursday night and into the refrigerator it went. This is my kind of recipe using stretch and fold instead of kneading. I debated weather to use a Kamado and CI pans like the recipe shows or my wood fired oven and a Lloyd pan. Being a gorgeous day decided to play with the wood fired oven. Brought the wood fired oven out of winter hibernation and fired it up. King Arthur Crispy Cheesy Pan Pizza. Parmesan, Fontina and Mozzarella with a homemade sauce. I originally upscaled the recipe for CI pans but I used a 11" x 15" Lloyd pan. Next time I use this pan I'll upscale a little more for a thicker crust. Oops left it in a minute or two too long. Still tasty and a nice soft fluffy crust.
  16. 13 minutes is a really long video. Most people probably won't sit through 13 minutes. I would keep the videos down to 5-6 minutes. When you're in the kitchen and you're working with your hands (grinding, injecting etc...) the camera needs to be filming your hands so people see what you're doing. Reasonable first attempt and you're definitely braver than I am.
  17. I'm not a fan of most Smithfield products but I know they sell a lot. That's a bummer.
  18. But that would require going to the store. Currently our plans are to not leave the house (except for work) until at least May 1st. We're stocked up pretty well for the time being. Nice to see you posting again.
  19. Looks really good. I'm a big fan of flat iron steaks but haven't had one in a while.
  20. The owner of the pond is really picky about who he let's fish it. Mainly relatives and one or two neighbors like me. This came with an understanding I would never take anyone else except me, Mrs skreef and Hawke.
  21. Trying to ramp up to some really spectacular camp cooks. Hopefully things will eventually get back to almost normal. (not sure it'll ever be truly normal again).
  22. There was actually 3 of us as my son's college closed down for the rest of the semester finishing off with on-line classes. Yea he eats as much as me and Mrs skreef combined. We too thought the bass was a little skinny but it's not our pond. Caught 4 bass and 6 crappie. Threw 7 of them back.
  23. I really wanted to get some time on the CampChef. It has really huge burners so there is a small learning curve to not burn things up while cooking. I've done that homemade stroganoff idea a few times and have defiantly gotten better with it. It's now in fairly regular rotation at the house. I joke about it being Hamburger Helper without the Helper. This RV idea actually started with the idea of buying a small plot of land up in the mountains. Maybe one day we'll get back to the original idea. If you do a camper build definitely post some progress pictures. I would love to see them.
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