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  1. I got a set of safety bolts from Weber in the mail yesterday. Any tips to getting the lid adjusted?
  2. No the store didn’t provide me with any hardware or safety bolts. I assume I can download the instructions from the internet. If you could snap a few pictures that would be awesome! I’ll call Webber on Monday and talk to them. Today’s cook is working and it’s my first low and slow. I have both the bottom and top vents closed and it stays at 250, but I am guessing it’s due to the misaligned lid. Thank you for all the help SmallBBQr!
  3. Thank you! I purchased this as a floor model and it was assembled by the guys at ACE hardware. I’ll give it a few more cooks. I’m actually doing pork butts right now.
  4. I’ve searched for help on this but couldn’t find anything. I’ve used my Webber E6 about 6 times and I get a smoke leak around the lid especially at the back by the hinge. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix it?
  5. I have a new E6 (it was a floor model) and it too has the middle bracket position for coals but I too could figure out how to use it!
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