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  1. Looks really good. I use a marinade recipe from jamaicatravelandculture.com for jerk chicken and it is my go to. Typically makes enough marinade for two cooks. I freeze the excess.
  2. Has anyone had luck finding a replacement stand or making a suitable stand or table for their Bubba Keg? I got lucky a couple of years back when the old forum was up and found a really nice guy that shipped one to me.
  3. I vaguely recall that before the forum was shut down. I've used the BGE plate setter for 10 years with no issue.
  4. Wife wanted to get me a new grill for Christmas. Had been eyeballing the 24" Louisiana Grills at Costco but waited too long. Settled on a Classic I from Lowes. Once they rang it up I was floored by the price. Must be some kind of unadvertised clearance. Super happy with the price. For the past decade I've been using two Bubba Kegs, which still work however are getting a little long in the tooth. I'm hoping I can use the Classic I with as little trouble as I've had from the kegs(arguably the best kamado style smoker ever made). Getting a little nervous seeing SloRollers and water pans. I've managed to get by with just a BGE plate setter for all these years. Saying a little prayer that I don't dry out my chicken.
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