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  1. I got a bayou classic and had lowes deliver an unassembled one. The lowes assembled ones are just slapped together without any thought. And even if u have them assemble a brand new one out of the crate they still will not do a good job. So, I put it together myself and have not had a any problems whatsoever. Yes I did have to adjust a few things like the lower slide gate and I did put a felt gasket on the upper damper where the collar sits on the ceramic, however, so far I have used it since last march nonstop and it's held together quite nicely.
  2. Well it's been about a week or so since I've been on the forum, and I'm really liking the way this thing cooks. Was able to do a couple of pizzas, grills some sweet corn, rib eyes and baked another dump cake. Had the grill going pretty much all day yesterday and had to add more charcoal halfway through the cake baking process. Tried to bring the temp down during lunch and dinner and it wouldn't go down below 300. I'm thing that is because there is still a little bit of a gap between the slide gate/damper and the body of the grill.. Don't know how I should seal around it. Silicone? Cut a gasket out of the felt material? Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  3. Got my new bayou classic a little over a week ago. I like the site very informative hopefully I will continue to enhance my grilling skills with the suggestions found here.
  4. Ok was able to grill some jalapeño sliders for lunch. They were pretty tasty with cheese. Now I'm baking baking a dump cake. So far so good. : )
  5. Ok so I had to do some adjustments to a few items on my bayou classic today. I sealed the vent up top between the ceramic and the where the vent slips on. And I reinstalled the damper/slide gate down below so it would be more flush against the body of the grill, hopefully this will help me regulate the temp a little easier. I have yet to try that out to see if it makes a difference. You would think that these items would be installed properly from the factory. The only thing left to do is fix the alignment on the lid, it's a little off. I'll probably do that next weekend, I have some baking to do tomorrow in my new cast iron Dutch oven, I picked that up at academy for 24 bucks. Not bad for the 12" size. I also ordered a few grill accessories from chefs catalog where my sister works, and she will will be sending those to me soon. I got a pizza stone, veggie basket, cast iron skillet, jalapeño roaster stand, beer can chicken thingie, rib stand, and chicken wing roaster stand. Will be trying those out soon.
  6. Just received my bayou classic last week and I have used it twice, I bought it From my local Lowes here in Houston and they delivered it for free. I paid 699 if you look on their website that is the listed price. So far so good. There are a few things I have notice so far. The bottom vent does not set up against the body of the grill, so I don't know it that let's too much air in. Second, the cast iron vent assembly leaks air when choked down, and I've noticed smoke coming out between the grill and vent assembly. Don't know if that's normal. Overall, I'm happy with it so far.
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