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  1. Hi hi Ben, good to meet you. How do you set up your rotisserie cooks? what do you do and why? thanks sam
  2. Hi - First time poster here, been cooking on my kamado for a few years now and love it. I have just acquired a new toy for my kamado, the Joetisserie! Very excited to try out some cooks - Picanha, porchetta, and good old fashioned rotisserie chicken all on the list. But I’m struggling to find out the best way to set the kamado up for cooking with the rotisserie. Should I cook direct or indirect with the heat deflectors in? I have seen some videos where the coals are banked to one side with a tile keeping one side of the grill clear of coals. what are the reasons for this and what setup should I go for? and does it depend on what I’m cooking? all advice greatly received! cheers sam
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