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  1. My neighbor was throwing out a Pit Boss K24 grill that a friend had given him so I took it off his hands as was considering purchasing one myself. Based on recommendations suggested on this forum, I replaced the felt seals on the vent, lid and bowl and replaced the thermometer. I also purchased the recommended OnlyFire cooking system with defector plates and a really good grill cover. I’m still learning but enjoying the experience and happy with the upgrades I made. The only frustration is that the grill is missing both side shelves and the lid handle. I can live without the latter but the side shelves would obviously be really useful. A photo is attached of what is attached to the grill. I've searched this forum, eBay, BBQ Guys & Amazon but have had no joy in finding what I need. Can anybody help with this request or make any recommendations of where to buy please? Thanks in advance.
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