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  1. I've always used an instant read thermapen before, but bought the Meater specifically for rotisserie cooking. However, using it instead of the pen is a lot easier. There's no stick and check and stick again episodes trying to get to temp. With the probe, I just keep an eye on my cell phone app and it tells me approximate time to reach goal temp and temperatures. As long as the probe is accurate, it's pretty simple. Judging from the color of my steak, I'd say my probe is pretty close to dead on. Your prime and tails sounds delicious!!!
  2. Greetings from Hot Springs Village, AR. Just moved here, having previously living in Medford Oregon for the last 19 years. My house gift to myself was a Kamado Joe Classic III. It arrived Monday and I assembled it that day. Held off doing anything with it today when I did the inaugural cook with an easy venture of grilling a beautiful rib eye steak. While I've been cooking with charcoal for many years on a Weber kettle, this is my first go with a Kamado style unit. I must say, that even though it was an easy cook, it went extremely well. It was my wife's birthday, so I didn't want to experiment with anything new. After getting the grill temps to 500, I set the racks up for both direct and indirect cooking, seared the steak for 2 minutes on both sides, then moved it to the indirect side with a Meater probe inserted for the final cook time. The Meater navigated the temps and I pulled it off for the resting period. And, a perfect medium rare steak was enjoyed by the both of us. Rookie mistake was inserting the probe for the searing portion -- yes, I got a warning alarm for the high temps. Pulled the probe and reinserted once it was finished searing. Lesson learned there. Looking forward to trying a reverse sear in a future endeavor. But, I'm really looking forward to my first "low and slow" cook!
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