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  1. Thanks for the advice, I’m going to keep using the cracked plate as a deflector while it’s in two pieces still does the job but plan on purchasing a few more stones (pizza stones) to try. I have a Weber stone that came with my Weber Q from about 11years ago still works fine, because it’s lasted so long with a fair few knocks along the way I assumed all stones are reasonably durable.. Anyway live n learn.
  2. Thanks and hi Keeperovdeflame & Werr78 .
  3. Hello all, new to site as I’ve been searching info on cracked KJ deflectors, this thread has been going a loong time. Had my KJ for a month, walked out this morning to tidy up the Joe and the full size deflector plate was cracked in half, cooked pizza last night and left it in there to cool. I know warranty is good considering the 1000s KJ has replaced to date but it’s an inconvenience to have to wait for a new one to come half way round the world…Might have to purchase a back up !
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