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  1. Cabelas/ Bass Pro has it for $19.97 right now. Hopefully you live close to one.
  2. https://atlantagrillcompany.com/ They are running the joetissories 32% off right now. Have ordered from them before and they have ridiculously fast order processing speed.
  3. The Atlanta Grill Company has the Joetissories on sale right now for 32% off. Couldn’t resist and just ordered one.
  4. Thanks Boater for the extra tips. I actually picked up a meat probe with a timer. It’s a huge help on not over or under cooking everything. The timer helps with searing and giving each side even cooking time before moving to indirect heat.
  5. So I’ve bought the DoeJoe, a reversible cast iron plate, drip tray and a charcoal basket. This grill is nothing but awesome. The taste in the meat that comes off of it is amazing.
  6. Wife bought classic Jo 1 as a birthday gift for me. Cooked steaks last night as first cook and totally amazed at the difference in taste coming from a Weber kettle grill. I’ve got my eye on a charcoal basket and DO Jo.
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