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  1. I've reheated in the oven and gas grill with pretty good success, giving them a final glaze in the process. Microwave would be the last resort.
  2. Skin rendered down paper thin and crispy. After the first couple hours I spritzed them with a 50/50 mix of Apple juice / cider vinegar every 20 minutes. Not sure if that helped.
  3. We did a few turkey drumsticks today, spiced BBQ rub, heavy on the Chipotle along with a side of Italian sausages. Drums took on smoke for the first hour or so, coming off when tender, 3.5 hours in at 250-275F. They were moist and tender!
  4. My biggest issue is that on some pies I use too much toppings and they take longer to finish up. My best pizzas are the simple ones.
  5. Somewhere between 225 and 300 - wherever the smoker decides to settle. No use fighting it, just relax and enjoy a home brew!
  6. Question for how exactly u made to dough. Did you just add all the ingredients to the bread machine and run dough cycle or did you rehydrate the yeast first and then put it all in the bread maker. This would depend on your yeast - with traditional active dry yeast, you would need to rehydrate the yeast. With quick rise / instant yeast, everyone is in the pool at the same time. I've done both ways with the same result, using the breadmaker as the mixer.
  7. I think you are learning - 1/8" adjustment may be too much, 15 minutes isn't enough time for a ceramic cooker to stabilise. Relax, enjoy your cooker and resist the urge to adjust the vents! +/- 25 degrees from your target, when burning charcoal is just fine!
  8. Welcome, from just around the corner in Lower Sackville!
  9. Costco Canada in Nova Scotia has gotten new Visions in stock this year.
  10. I'm a little late to the party, but that's an awesome sounding Burger with an equally great sounding sauce. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I'd say it's a combination of the frozen pizza and running a bit too hot. For a frozen pie you should probably be running 400 to 450 and it will heat up gradually. Try your own thin crust with minimum toppings at the higher heat. You'll love the results!
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