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  1. I've been away from this forum for a while, but I'm back. I'm glad everything worked out for you!
  2. Great review!! I've been thinking about buying a Cyberq wifi for over 6 weeks now, but I'll probably will pull the trigger in a week or 2.
  3. Buddha

    Primo Grill

    I believe 1 Stop did stop carrying the Primo grills and accessories.
  4. I order my spices from http://www.myspicesage.com/
  5. You can buy a wet/dry vacuum to clean all the ashes from the bottom of the firebox. Mine got a lot of space surrounding the plate, I wish the plate was bigger.
  6. Yes, I'm happy with my replacement, but I wish they didn't charge me for shipping. Customer service was ok, but should've been better.
  7. Wow!! My XL will get deliver to my house tomorrow. I guess I need to go to the butcher after work.
  8. Un-freaking-believable!!! Didn't they tell you they WOULDN'T do that?? Well, I thought they charged my CC in the beginning, but when I didn't see the charge on my card 1 week later, I thought Primo had a change of heart. Wishful thinking!!
  9. Damn!! Primo did charge me $59 for shipping.
  10. I saw this at Humphrey's BBQ Store and it would be very nice for people who love smoking ribs. http://www.mainemachining.com/store/WsD ... ccessories
  11. :-( for this weekend :-) for next weekend I'll use my XL on weekdays too, but no friends or family members are over my house. The weekend is when friends and family can come over and enjoy some delicious BBQ.
  12. I just checked the tracking number at Estes and the estimated time I'll get my XL will be 7/23.
  13. Hang in there, you should be grilling in no time:) did you finish your table? How about stain did you stain your table? Jrow The table is finish and I wanted to stain the table, I even bought all the stuff. But at the end, I decided it was a pain in the ### to stain the table and returned the stuff back to Home Depot.
  14. Over 1 week ago Primo asked for my credit card info, but as of right now, Primo didn't charge $59 for shipping on my credit card. But I will keep checking during the next couple of days.
  15. Update : I just spoke to the Primo rep and was told the XL was shipped today. I should get it by 7/19, I can get to use it over the weekend. :D
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