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  1. Hey everyone, New member here, i'll do a post in the introduction section shortly I've come to seek some opinions from you fellow KJ owners. I've recently bought a Big Joe 3. The thing continually develops an overbite after every couple of cooks. I follow the procedure posted by John here to realign the dome which is fine but then after another cook or two the overbite redevelops again. For example after previously re-seating the dome and tightening everything up properly, I did a 400f cook for 40mins and the dome moved during the cooldown period. It closed fine when I took the food off, closed the vents, and opened it again maybe 20mins later and the dome had shifted and would not close normally again. Normally I wouldn't mind, as on my other kamados the overbite is cosmetic. However as the Joe is reliant on the latch to make the lid stay down, it causes functional problems. It doesn't take much forward movement for the latch not to work when I push the dome down. it just hits the top of the latch (i've tried adjusting the latch with an allen key but the top latch is too far forward.) Now the thing is I can open the bottom latch with one hand, push the dome down with the other and it feels like it squeezes in there. It does latch in opening the bottom one first, but it feels like it's putting some pressure on when I close it. My question therefore to fellow owners is does anyone else experience this problem? Does anyone else simply open the bottom latch first and then close it to latch it down? Or do others latch just always work by pushing it down? I've been backwards and forwards with KJ support and they just keep giving me instructions to re-seat the dome. I am wondering if this is worth persevering with, if i've just got a bad unit and a replacement will fix it, or do you all experience similar issues? Many thanks
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