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  1. I get it at my butcher shop here in Toronto. I'm not sure about online. I've really enjoyed it the few times I have had it.
  2. likely will be something easy. maybe some burgers and beer.
  3. I cut around the skewer at an angle so the pork remains in one piece. I then spread the pork out along the length of the skewer so it kind of resembles a twist or spring.
  4. trimmed up the pork belly, removed the skin and cut it into 1-1/4" strips. cut each strip in half and carefully put a skewer down the center of each piece. with a sharp knife I cut around the skewer to make a "spring". covered with rub and smoked them at 250* for a couple of hours. glazed them with scotch, butter, maple syrup and a bit of molasses. the gang loved them. would definitely make again. 576831710_20220611_1745511.mp4
  5. I totally forgot, sorry man. I will try and post it this weekend.
  6. Thanks brother, haven't posted on here in forever. Was super easy and looks pretty cool too
  7. Ground chicken with cream cheese, mozzarella, and corn stuffing. Wrapped in bacon cooked in a Bundt cake pan for visual appeal...tasted damn good too!!
  8. Thanks Appsspec, this was the first time using mine on the kamado. Will use it again for sure.
  9. Thanks Panchango, turned out great. Was really tender and tasty
  10. With the temperature hovering around 35* I felt like a hearty dinner so I pulled out a little piece of rump roast to make pot roast with. I trimmed a bit of the excess fat and did a salt and pepper rub. I cut up some onions and carrots and added a couple of table spoons of minced garlic and put them on the bottom of my pot. I put the piece of rump on top of the veggies and added just enough water to cover the veggies. I got the vision going and let it settle in at 300* and put my roast on. with the meat cooking away I got some baby carrots, potatoes and mushrooms ready and put them on the akorn. now that everything is cooking, it was time for pint. meat is finally ready to come off making the gravy and taking the veggies of the akorn. time to eat. the beef just melted in my mouth. after dinner I decided I deserved a little reward so I pulled out something special. Thanks for looking
  11. Thanks Ceramic. I certainly did, but with this scotch being so strong a couple is all you need. This scotch is bottled at 60% alcohol so a little bit will do ya! Ya just gotta love a distillery that bottles 120 proof. Only Glenlivet! Nice cook; nice choice in Scotch! Nicely done all around, Phreak! Acually Aberlour makes on too its called A'bunadh and it is generally close to 60%
  12. thanks Magician, Good whisky good company and great food, what more could a guy ask for
  13. thanks Delaware, The onions were small they took about 2 hours.
  14. thanks aljoseph,, I was amazed at the smoke ring myself. I don't think I have ever got such nice colour before.
  15. That butt is a thing of beauty, great job!
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