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  1. Nice! We have done spatchcock chicken 4x since short ownership of the KJ. It comes out so freaking good! And the next day we pull all the useable chicken off and take all the parts, fat gelatin, EVERYTHING but useable chicken and make broth with about 3.5 cups water, it reduces down to about 2.5. Use this broth in chicken curry and WOW its special! pour it over rice and its like a smoked chicken curry soup. I like the upper rack, Ive had the swivel one in my amazon cart for awhile. Not in a hurry but want one.
  2. I wish I would have researched more before buying I didnt realize the KJ 1 has only one position with slow roller. My main question is since the cooking grate sites up a few inches does it interfere with cooking in general? Less room? Thoughts and impressions...
  3. I have gaming friends all over the world. One in Malaysia knows of a plant that makes Mangrove tree hardwood lump. I may see about a BIG ORDER (smallest can get) and get others to go in on it local.
  4. Cabelas was $29.99 plus tax in Boise Idaho!!! Ive been having best luck with cheap ol Royal Oak honestly lol.
  5. Im stocking up after a purchase of several diff brands. KJ, Fogo, BB, royal oak, and more. Prices online are nuts, Going to run by cabelas, few other places in Boise while im over there.
  6. If Im honest Im still a bit shaken about this brisket. Ive never bombed a smoke this bad in my life! Im still wondering if the Costco choice cut was bad one or...Anyways I'm thinking about a cheap winco brisket point this weekend and going with my gut. One is a kamado is a more hot and fast cook as compared to offset smoker skills/procedures. Also The bombed brisket had 1part black pepper, 1/2 part salt, 1/2 part Lawrys again from offset smoker guys. I'm going back to even parts salt, pepper, granulated garlic which I have had melt in your mouth brisket from before.
  7. I wish I had someway I could put lump next to a fire but not light to get warm and dry before a cook. What is best ways to store lump? I just roll up the sacks and have a dry z air thing in the general area they are stored. No that is not a common denominator as I have had the smell same day I got bags before storing them.
  8. Hey all, taking the week slow. Did some burgers that was it. Still learning the high temp cooks lol I was all over from 390-520 and dried out the patties. I did these on fogo no smell higher temp cook. Anyways I sent email away to KJ asking about the smell. In the meantime I have a friend who is a 8yr veteran on green egg. We have dissected my smell issue in depth. He feels its a moisture issue which is perpetuated by my cold weather in Idaho. We just spent a month under 32 degrees and EVERY SINGLE low and slow cook I did had tons of moisture from chimney cap running down the lid, the bottom vent would drip condensation/moisture. Inside the bottom vent to ash tray there was no moisture but the vent area always had some. The part there I am not sure about is water dripping onto charcoal will not immediately cause ammonia smell. it has to get wet, sit awhile and when its burnt it releases a small ammonia gas which human noses are very sensitive too. He lives in North Carolina and usually has higher temps and mentioned he never gets moisture. But they dipped into the 30s and low and behold he sent me a pic with a small wet area on his patio below bottom vent of moisture dripping. He did not have smell though
  9. Thanks for the confirmation exactly what I was telling myself. Ima go cheap WINCO cuts until I get it right. I think the jagged changes in temp and process (stop and go, low temp higher temp) is what really messed it up along with the ammonia smell. Also my green egg buddy with a decade exp thinks the ash basket should be taken out for long low slow cooks. The first one I did on the KJ was a cheap Winco cut, dry salt brine, salt, pepper, garlic granules all even parts. It was damn good, just dry in the flat/lower section. But it and leftovers didnt last long. The one thing I'm really bummed out about is this ammonia smell. I am totally baffled and went to a Kamado (Kamado Joe brand even) because its ceramic and totally free of lighter fluid use, briquttes, etc. All natural hardwood smoking/grilling, ultra clean, etc. But I am getting the most chemical smell and taste I have ever had by a country mile. Calling them Tomm.
  10. All the effort and it turned out like garbage. Worst brisket by 10 landslides Ive ever had. ughgh Post pics tomm if anyone cares to see. upon cutting it was picture perfect juices running but it was terribly dry eating and 20 min of sitting there looks like jerkey drying lol, the meat tasted like a chuck crock pot roast. Bark has hints of the ammonia smell, I'm so frustrated with that and why its happening with 3 diff lump charcoal now. Keeping positive as a learning exp on this one. Its so bad I think it will get thrown out. I think watching the flame boss grill top probe had it too low for too long. Then the fogo lump dying out, taking brisket out then back in and higher temps to get fat rendered...Too much harsh variances and no where near a smooth cook.
  11. Been reading the grill vs dome temp thread, I see what people are saying...At first I kept grill temp around 240 attempts on the flame boss grill probe. The dome temp was reading around 210. It was cooking fine as in rising steadily at that temp but my top fat cap was not rendering very well. Anyway she spent 5hrs in the cooler internal got down a little low so plopped her in the warmer, gonna eat in 30 min!!!
  12. I have not used any chemicals on it thus far in my short ownership. And it is quite obvious when you smell the smoke stack or open the lid its coming from inside the grill. Last burn off I did only 2 cooks in the ceramic smelled just fine. a warm non existent smell if that makes sense. I'm baffled and honestly have been grilling 20 years never smelled anything like this until my Kamado introductions.
  13. Now I got the BB in after the abnormal burn of the fogo...I'm getting damn ammonia smell pretty strong. I'm frustrated there is no answer why this is happening. This is now 3 diff brands of lump I have had this issue with. I'm calling Kamado Joe on Monday for answers.
  14. Yea I got double heat diffuser and drip pan under the entire length of brisket. Post final pics later!
  15. nice, looks good so far! I got a brisket on. I'll be trying the boat method soon I think. Todays brisket will tell me more about the bottom and kamados. I am doing a tallow on the bottom for the wrap too.
  16. well it was going to be brisket off around noon, cooler and towel until 5pm. But we looking bit later now lolz. Brisket prob not done until 3pm I imagine.
  17. well...sigh...New variables equals unknowns. Very surprised unknowns but still. I had bought a bag of oak BB lump and a bag of FOGO SUPER PREMIUM lump. I used the BB prior it was fine, tons of tiny pieces disappointing but burned good. Fogo is the same, littered with garbage tiny pieces inside. I'm gonna but the small BB Oak lump logs... I digress. I started the fire at 1145pm, got the brisket on at 1247 pm. As you can see in the graph the slow decline in temp. I went to bed at 347am stabilized at 238F. I woke up around 615 to see it was lower, I went and opened bottom vent good 35-40%, top vent 15% more. An hr of sleep later Flame Boss sends low temp alert. Long story the entire ash basket of fogo burned out in 7hrs!!! WTF? It was full to the brim of the basket. So I had to take brisket off, I put some BB lump in got it rolling and brisket was off for maybe 20 min. It dropped 14 degrees from taking off point to back on internally.
  18. I want to get it down in the low 230s. I set top end alarm for 245 which I'm up against it but the coals got a raging briefly when I opened and put everything on. I have the heat diffusers down at lowest possible point then I wrapped my 15" pizza stone in foil and have that on top of the dutch oven attachment. Followed by a large 13" round drip pan shoved to one side then a small rectangular 4x6 barely shoved next to it so that I have coverage along the entire length of my brisket. I know it's unconventional perhaps but my thinking is I can always take longer to cook by overprotecting it but I can't undo a burn/overcooked flat/bottom.
  19. The flame boss app only sends a text with a single ding for the temp alarm getting out of range. I wish I could make a real alarm that would wake you.
  20. fat cap is 1/4"...Got her shaped up and in the fridge on a rack in a pan with dry salt brine. The burnt end mohawk is looking good!
  21. I'm not saying its right but Youtube channel guys and some texas guys say dont wrap right away in towel and into cooler it will continue to cook. Let rest a few minutes down to maybe 185 then wrap and cooler it. Im doing one tonight as well and will follow this advice above.
  22. Welp, my wife reminded me couple days ago its me birthday on sat feb 12. What do you want to do she asks? Nothing I said, just babysit my brisket I picked up a Costco choice 14lb for 4.49lb. I will be following the mad scientist Youtube channels wagyu tallow process for this one. As in when it's time to wrap he lathers up the inside of the butcher paper with the south chicago company wagyu beef tallow for bottom of brisket. He does it again before the towel and cooler rest which he does for 8hrs! I may not rest for 8hrs lol. trim, dry salt brine for 6hrs, start smoker, pull from fridge let rest, get kamado stabilizing on smoking temps, mustard binder, rub (1part pepper, 1/2 part salt, 1/2 part Lawrys, 1/2 part garlic powder), get her on the grill. Using flame boss wifi thermometers. One for grill temp, one for brisket. I wish I had more as I like one in point and one in flat. Will take the bark as long as possible into the stall as tallow will soften it. Wrap it in the wagyu tallow, pull at 202, towel wrap and cooler for at least 4hrs. Will start at 12am to 1am and going to use my flame boss wifi thermometer. LOOKING FOR ADVICE HERE. Going to set low alarm at 210 and high at 245 please critique those temps
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