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  1. I'm addicted. Thank god lump is a decent price at Costco, I'll have to stock up before the winter.
  2. A few folks on here from Ottawa eh? I'm originally from just outside of Ottawa.
  3. Thanks everyone for the kind welcomes
  4. Hey all, I found this site while researching grills before buying. A little over a month ago I bought a vision classic from Costco and couldn't be happier. Since buying it we've done ribs, a zillion pizzas, a Boston butt, steaks, beer can chicken.... Well, basically I've been cooking non stop on this thing. I think I've used my stove once in the last month. My wife has gone from "We're not spending that much for you to have a second BBQ" to "How have we lived without this for so long?" The kids would rather stay in and have BBQ the going out for supper. This thing has been a huge hit around here. So thanks for helping me pick my grill and I look forward to learning lots here. Cheers Steve
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