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  1. What product do you use for the rotisserie mount/motor? Is this something from Kamado Joe?
  2. I am very impressed with my adjustable rig for my vision. After researching their online site I called and had all my qualifications answered.
  3. I agree, you are too low in the fire box. For high heat for pizza, etc need to be higher in the dome.
  4. Just did a 1 1/4 pork chop with the deflector in the lower position and pulled at 135 to sit for ten minutes. Amazing juice and flavor.
  5. Has anyone checked this out for the Vision Classic or Pro? Their target is BGE but they also say they support Primo, Akorn and some others but no mention of Vision Kamado's. I will be in touch with their website to see what the product people say. There is a detailed review on the NakedWhiz website.
  6. Anyone have experience with dizzypig?
  7. Thanx again for the replies. I did a second split chicken breast with bone in at 325 degrees. Pulled at 160 IT and the result was amazing moisture, juice and texture. It took close to one hour whereas a split breast without deflector takes about 30 minutes with similar but not quite as spectacular results. The fire was burning from the inner circle outwards. Not sure it would have continued to the outer edge of the bowl.
  8. I'm looking for user experience. So far I've used the KJ rack to raise the lower grate to cook with direct heat and like the results - other than the fact that you need to watch for the grate sliding on the KJ supports. I used the heat deflector once in the lower position to cook a chicken breast with bone in on the main grate at a temp of 325. Removed at internal temp of 160 and it was the juiciest breast I have ever cooked, but it took close to an hour to cook. With the gap between the deflector and firewall only 1/2 inch I wonder if other Vision users (or, for that matter, KJ users) think the gap using the 15 inch deflector is large enough. Thanx for your comments.
  9. A lot of nice pics. Not sure about your concerns other than the apparent touch up.
  10. Didn't know the expansion gap eliminated the need for the disk. May remove mine and try the 9 in pie plate approach. I presume you need to remove the fire grate to remove the pie plate?
  11. I like the design and flexibility. Looks as though it should work in the vision classic kamado as well.
  12. In addition to the remote thermometer I highly recommend an instant read thermometer to know when things are done. Thermopen make an inexpensive model - about $20 on amazon - that works very well. Be sure to get some replacement Batteries - 357 - after the thermopen arrives. The originals don't last very long.
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