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  1. Does the thermometer still read true when it's really cold outside, or does too much heat conduct from the probe to the thermometer body causing it to read lower than the actual temperature inside the grill?
  2. I just got my new AKORN grill because I couldn't wait until spring! This is my first time with a Kamado grill, so I have a lot to learn. My grill is seasoning as we speak. Because there is no meat in it I decided to dangle one of my temperature probes through the top vent (which I can get almost closed) to have a second temperature reading in addition to the thermometer on the side. The instructions say to season at 400F, and my dangling probe reads 408F. But the thermometer on the side reads about 50F cooler than the dangling probe. Is this because it's winter? Is the thermometer losing too much heat to the external wall of the grill and reading low? I need to understand this so I can set the proper temperature for cooking when I cook in the winter. Thanks for your help! Bruce
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