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  1. Yum! That sauce sound good. I would not have thought about ketchup but with the other ingredients I'll bet it is a crowd pleaser. Thanks for sharing.
  2. @len440 My apologies for the slow response. Yes, I did get it lined out and it has turned out nice. Thanks for asking. I used 1/2" felt gasket to seal the ash pan to body joint and the sliding vent. I also added 7/8" gasket material to the top edge of the body where the lid closes. Everything latches a little more firm now, much nicer fit. Now it will smother the fire and in a couple of hours I can put the cover on it if needed. I am very happy with the way that turner out. I have a least a dozen cooks on it now so everything is getting good and gunked up, nice season on the CI grate. Temperature control is so much easier and predictable now. I'm really enjoying cooking on this thing.
  3. Welp, I got the new Akorn and it is all together. Just waiting on a new cast iron great from Char-Griller. It was broken in the box. While registering, Melissa at Customer Service was happy to send out a new grate. The wait is working out OK. It gives me a chance to play with temperature control. I've lit it twice now, once to burn off at 400*F and another to try to hit and maintain approx 250*. I can tell right away that I have to fix a leaking lower vent. With the lower vent closed and the top vent at 0.5, the temp continued to rise. With both closed the temp stabilized at 300*. That negates the ability to snuff out the fire, gotta fix that! I don't intend this to be a review. I need a lot more time and a hand full cooks before I can give this Akorn a fair, honest opinion. But I will say this so far. The packaging and assembly, a Weber it is not. A good looking grill it certainly is. I think this is going to be a good grill to learn the art of Kamato cooking on.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I already feel at home here. Again, thanks. Like JB I retired early at age 60 in Feb. 2020. Wow, what a blessing that was!
  5. Greetings folks, I am a retired, life long Weber fan and have been cooking most of my adult life. I just ordered an Akorn from Amazon to get my feet wet in this style of cooking. I am really looking forward to learning new things and maybe sharing a thing or two. Thanks for having me.
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