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  1. I found these perforated pizza trays, I'm wondering if I should buy one instead of the Weber grate. available 16"-17" diameter up to 2" deep. Straight or tapered sides a range of 12-22ga thickness a variety of hole-size / number of holes uncoated (not nonstick) about the same price as the 7441 (7441 is @$17.50) I like the idea of a 1-2" deep pan, like this. (The 17"x1" is cheaper, <$10). What are your thoughts? I'm wondering if it'll hold up to the heat, and if it'll be sturdy enough to set on the Akorn ceramic tabs without a grill supporting it. I think it'll be better than a grate because less coals will fall through it'll catch more fat drippings before they coat the firebox you can buy one with walls If you're familiar with metal, what minimum thickness do you recommend? And would aluminum, tin-plated steel, and silver-anodized aluminum, all be safe to use for cooking like this, as an ash basket that'll see >500 degrees? And do you think it'd be worth buying a second, smaller one to replace the bottom grate as well? The other methods I've seen, for those interested: The weber 7441 standard steel grill grate Putting wire mesh on the 7441 (to create a half-moon) Stainless half-moon searing tray
  2. Do the drippings in the drip pan get eaten? I'd imagine that they stick to the pan, and can't really be scraped off unless you make a sauce/deglaze the pan. I've seen videos where people shred the meat directly in the pan after cooking. I'm just not sure if the pan is serving to save drippings for flavor, or if it just serves the function of preventing fat from dripping on the coals/grill and gets discarded afterwards.
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