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    A question for the Kamado Joe experts. As I look at the web site and other websites like BBQ guys, Garden Gate etc., it appears that the Big Joe with stainless bands and vent does not come with a cart. The model with the cart does not appear to be available with stainless bands and vent. Is this correct? Thanks JW
  2. Greetings, Time to replace my 8 year old gas grill and have been ;looking at Kamado type cookers. Went to a friends who has a BGE and sample some food and was very impressed with the taste and the fact that it was not dried out like only gas grill. My local dealer who sells BGE and Saffire is apparently getting out of the saffire business and is selling the floor models at an advertised discount. The model with the side shelfs is on sale for 899, and the model on the table with slate top is on sale for 1499. First, are these good prices? The store said that Saffire would honor the warranty and that their warranty is 5 years general and lifetime on the ceramics. Couple of questions: 1. How has this grill stood up over time? 2. Any problem with cracking in the ceramics. I am little concerned that there are not slits in the firebox to relieve heat stresses 3. How is it for holding temperature? 4. Any problems with the finishes crazing etc. I asked why they were getting out of Saffire business and was told that BGE has made a commitment to them in terms of free advertisement and other support but wants exclusivity. She also said that they have had very good experience with the Saffire over the two years they have sold them. There is a Kamadao Joe dealer about 30 miles away so that is a possibility too. Thanks JW
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