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  1. Hi, All. I apologize in advance if this is not the right forum for this, but I can't find a timely article on this anywhere. Two issues with my new (two month old, but already well-used) Kamado Joe Classic III: First, the dome is not staying up at the top. When I open it it falls back to about 3/4 open; enough to see but awkward to work. I have taken a 9/16" wrench and tightened the top bolt in back fairly tight and gotten modest improvement, but not where it was when new. I could get a larger wrench with more torque and tighten it more, but I'm getting nervous that too much tightening is going to bite me in the butt and not solve my problem. Any thoughts here? Second issue is with the latch. It seems to be a bit out of alignment, too far forward, so that when I close the lid it lands on top of the latch and sits rather than securing close. I can lightly press the latch and it closes fine, but that requires two hands. This is not a big deal and I can still cook just fine, but when I watch videos of everyone closing the lid so nicely, it hacks me off. I've used a hex key to adjust that hole on top of the latch, but that doesn't seem to impact how it rests. Again, any thoughts? Thanks, all. Appreciate the great advice I've already gotten. Mike
  2. Likely makes sense. I was debating when to put them in.
  3. As many toys as I've bought already, I can't bring myself to buy a laser thermometer for the stone surface. I figure if the ambient is 700 for 15 minutes or so, that's the best I can do and doesn't matter what the laser says. I'm sure the day will come. So many toys, so little time....
  4. Thanks everyone. I'm a believer. Last night confirmed. Perfect result. For the record, filled my basket with KJ chunks, taking care to put big chunks on the bottom. Used three starter cubes evenly distributed and let burn for about 15 minutes. Closed the lid with vents fully open. After temperature reached around 350 degrees (maybe 15-20 minutes) put deflector plates and pizza stone in (properly separated by pipe fittings). Temperature steadily climbed and then obviously peaked at 700 (another 20 mins or so). I let it sit there around 15 more minutes and put my first pizza on. Result was excellent. 700 maintained for all three pizzas I cooked (and that sucker was hot!). 00 flour dough rested overnight, buffalo mozzarella, oil on edges of crust. I can see how people could get burned even at this low temperature. No interest in getting to 900. Thanks again, and I'm excited about future pizzas. Got the result I want. Mike
  5. Reviving this thread rather than create a new one. This result looks fantastic. I should only hope to do so well. That said, does anyone have a preferred, super-premium quality pepperoni they recommend? Willing to buy on Amazon or in the italian gourmet grocer, but don't want the standard pre-slices or boar's head versions. Price is no obstacle. Any thoughts? Thanks. Mike
  6. Thanks guys. I think you all are telling the same (compelling) story. And I have been happy with my 700 degree results. I have been reading the charcoal thread as well, so will be turning my focus to playing with charcoal. Thanks, John, for creating this site. I've been watching a lot of your videos lately. Looking forward to years of good cooking. Mike
  7. Thanks Jack. I read a lot more of the overall pizza thread after posting my question and saw many comments similar. It’s a little disappointing to me, but I think it makes sense. In addition, I agree, if you really want 900 degree pizza, get an Oona. That said, if I wanted to try (once), how do you get there? 10 pounds of Royal Oak? Mike
  8. Hi, All. First time on this forum and starting my second month owning any kind of ceramic grill (KJ Classic III). Having lots of fun and getting good results for a rookie (although lots of previous experience with my Weber Smoky Mountain). Pardon me if this topic has been covered many times in the past. I'm getting into making pizza. Done it three times so far (pizza stone only, not DoJoe). Good results, but I can't get the internal temperature over 700 degrees, and mostly it's hanging out around 600-650. First time I definitely didn't add enough charcoal, second time used KJ charcoal and third time Jealous Devil. Third time I used close to 5 pounds (I actually weighed it). Note that it was probably 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit outside the whole time, and falling. Used three KJ fire starters. Is the 900 degrees really possible? Only possible on hot days? Requires charcoal loaded higher than the low setting of the racks? We've actually been making Neapolitan dough (00 flour) and letting it rise overnight, using home made tomato sauce, so we're committed. Just want to get the best result possible. Any recommendations? Thanks. Mike
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