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  1. Kamadowoking Sechuan spice chicken with stir Fry noodles. Good and Very delicious.
  2. Thank you dh14ster. I am only amateur Hobby cooker no Business. Grilled sardines with baked potatoes. Simple, but good. Fish marinated with EVOO, Lemon juice parsley, rosemary and thyme.
  3. Pork tenderloin with grilled vegetable ratatoullie style.
  4. Some pulled meat.... Pork Tex-mex style and wedding catering pulled beef, grilled turkey and some smoked chickens....
  5. Yesterday's dinner, Argentinien ribeye steak, reverse seared with bacon asparagus. Very delicious.
  6. Saturday's the Ceramic Joe Pizza. It is not attempted or Consequences real Italian pizza, but rather Czecoh Quiche ala pizza. Pizzaollo from me, nor will Lenka, but we love it. Dough what Lenka normally gives the oven, cream base, seasoned with pepper, rosemary and salt, French Roquefort, mozzarella, spinach and roasted chicken. Baking at about 300 ° C. It was fantastic. Until we learn to do the proper dough, it will be absolute good. Pizza stone from Lidl, surprisingly endured. Still, I have three ...
  7. Nontradional woking. Czech deer with mushrooms, demiglace with vegetable Chips, carrot and celery.
  8. Some Weber skewers and Last Kamadowoking. Thai curry variation with black rice, chicken, carrot, Black mushrooms and so on...
  9. Today's smoked turkey breast roll stuffed wild garlic, cappari, homemade cappocolo and dryed tomato too, Czech cheese Blaťácké zlato. Very delicious.
  10. Friday's cooking. Grilled deer with carrot Chips, glazed with black currant wine and thyme, fried forest mushrooms with juniper and allspice.
  11. I was asked about a recipe for pork tenderloin, which I published in the section "New Member from the Czech Republic" It is really easy. 1. Make cut sirloin as a plate 2. seasonal salt, ground pepper, I used medium or provencal herbs 3. chopped homemade dry aged tomatoes, homemade prosciutto, spinach. 4. Make a roll, see picture. 5. smoked 250 ° F to IT 130 ° F, then roasted on a cast iron plate to IT 136 ° F. 6. wrapped alufoils to rest. 7. Celery chips flavored with salt, pepper, EVVO, baked in the oven for a nice color.
  12. Weekend's cooking. Pork tendreloin Rolls with homemade prosciutto and dryed tomatoes too, and spinach.
  13. Some weekend cooking. Yakitori skewers with jasmine rice And pork tendreloin
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