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  1. Let me say up front that I love my Kick Ash Baskets for their convenience. I have them in both my kamados. However, I am concerned that I am giving up capacity and burning time using them. I have had difficulty finishing a number of cooks when I am filled to capacity. I know I give up some capacity along the sides because of the basket, but I have also had pieces hang up on the sides of the basket and not drop down into the fire. My wife and I do a monthly BBQ for a local ministry so I do two pork butts in my KJ Classic every month. Normal size for them is around 8 lbs each. I have run out of charcoal on several of these LNS cooks running around the 225-250 temp range. I prefer to not foil my butts so my normal cooks go 14-16 hours. If I increase the temp to 275 I have an even harder time finishing. Yesterday I did an experimental cook at 300 and had temp drop off at a little less than 8 hours of cook time. I use a variety of charcoal and I know it is sometimes dependent upon the particular size of pieces. Wondering your thoughts on whether you give up cooking time because of using the Kick Ash Basket for long cooks.
  2. New thermapen IR

    I love Thermoworks and own a bunch of their different products, but this is one that I just don't see in my future. For the things and the ways that I cook, I am using either just an IR reader or a Thermopen. The only time that I use both is if I am making a thick steak using the soapstone to sear and finishing indirect. Of course, if my family wished to give me one as a gift, it wouldn't be turned down.
  3. Kamado Joe Jr. accessories

    I think you are spot on and I'm not sure what the market would support. At the end of the day, we are best served by cooking what the grill is capable of and best suited for. The Jr. is a very capable little cooker and produces some great food at our house.
  4. Kamado Joe Jr. accessories

    Kamado Joe is not the only guys who short change the Jr or small size cookers with accessories. There is not a lot of stuff out there I just wish at a minimum KJ would give us a CI grate and maybe a griddle. I have a CI grate for mine that is for a small BGE but it does not align with the three studs at the top of the heat shield rack.
  5. New Gasket vs. Felt Gasket for Classic

    I replaced my OEM gasket with the High Que several months ago. It is a little thicker than the OEM so it does require you to make some minor adjustments. Not a hard task. I would have preferred the new gasket system from KJ but all the more this replacement gasket cost I figured I wouldn’t be out much if I decided to change over at a later date.
  6. Big Joe or Classic

    I do not own a Big Joe but one is in the plan as my retirement gift to myself next year. I love my Classic and use it a lot, however, I find myself running short of space for some tasks. I like to grill things like potatoes and corn that take a lot of grill space. I have a bunch of other options for doing that at my house so it's not a big deal. If I had to depend on a kamado to do that on a full time basis, then the Big Joe would be my preferred choice.
  7. Whole chicken on the Joe Jr

    I do spatchcock chickens in the Jr. The biggest challenge with the Jr is the relatively small size of the heat deflector. My experience is that if you use it in the upper position cooking at higher temps like I prefer, you really need to choose relatively small chickens ( 3.5 lbs max). Otherwise the ends of the legs and sometimes the upper breast and wings tend to burn because of convection heat coming up the sides. If you cook at lower temps and/or can use the heat deflector in the lower position, you can probably do larger birds. JMO.
  8. Need opinions on a good brisket problem

    Thanks for ideas. I am going to make it fit one way or the other. My plan is after its initial trimming, I'm going to play with it in the cold grill before lighting to see what will work the best. I have a whole collection of things to try from fire bricks to a rib rack. I'm just concerned that it will clear the dome thermometer probe. A Big Joe is definitely in my future, but Mrs. Claus said not this Christmas. haha
  9. The family decided they wanted brisket for Christmas dinner. I normally only make flats but decided to go with a full packer. I called and a local meat store had several on hand and my wife was nice enough to go by and purchase one. Only thing I told her was to not pick a real small one and get one with some thickness on the flat. She did just that and I ended up with a 19 lbs brisket. Here is where the problem is. It currently measures almost 23 inches in the plastic untrimmed. I want to do it in my Kamado Joe Classic but I am going to be challenged to get one this large to fit. If it doesn't fit bridging it over firebricks or something else, I have three options as I see it. 1. Trim a piece off the end of the flat to allow it to fit. I would just put the piece in the KJ and cook it to use for burnt ends. 2. Separate the flat and the point before cooking. Put the flat on the main grate and use the extender rack for the point. 3. Buy a Big Joe or the XL Big Green Egg package that is on sale at my local Ace Hardware. (Unfortunately, this option has been vetoed by my wife) What are your thoughts between option 1 and option 2?
  10. Shun Knives Recomendations

    My wife and I have a collection of the Shun Classics including a 7 inch Santoku and a 10 inch Chef knife. I use the Santoku a lot but prefer my Wustohf Chef knife because the Shun does not have a bolster. The Shuns are a pleasure to use and hold their edges. The look of the new lines of Shun look awesome.
  11. I agree that the OEM cover leaves much to be desired. That said, I have managed to make mine work by placing clothes pins on the four legs. It’s done fine for me.
  12. Warranty thanks KJ

    Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you see it, I’ve had to file claims for cracked firebowls for both my Classic and Jr. I have been using Weber grills for years and thought their warrant handling couldn’t be beat but after the responses I have gotten from KJ, I think they have met their match. I filed my last claim on a Sunday evening and had a new firebowl delivered on Wednesday morning. I also had to mess with file sizes a little to attach the, but that really wasn’t an issue. Great service. Just hope they can keep the same level of customer service as they continue to grow.
  13. Does anyone tailgate with their Jr?

    Not stirring the pot or anything, but does anyone actually tailgate with their KJ Jr or another small ceramic cooker? If so, how do you handle transport and allowing it to cool down? Mine is attached to a table and stays in one place. I understand the value of taking it with you on a vacation or camping where it will stay in one place for a while but I'm having a hard time figuring out how I would do it for a relatively short day trip such as people do when tailgating. I would be interested in hearing how you do it.
  14. Table/Stand Ideas for Kamado Joe Junior

    I’ve been very happy with it. It puts the Jr. at a good height for comfortable cooking. I used the zip ties same as you did to secure it to the table and think that is critical to making it work.
  15. Kamado Joe Jr Charcoal Consumption

    If anyone is concerned with whether the KJ Jr can handle a longer LNS this might help put your concerns to rest. Did a high heat cook of a 5.25lb pork butt yesterday. Cook took 11 hrs. Removed it at an internal temp of 202. Ran the Jr with a PartyQ ATC attached at 275 but cranked it up to 285 for the last 90 minutes. I was using B&B charcoal. This is what was left. Would have been plenty for a couple more hours.