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  1. Does anyone tailgate with their Jr?

    Not stirring the pot or anything, but does anyone actually tailgate with their KJ Jr or another small ceramic cooker? If so, how do you handle transport and allowing it to cool down? Mine is attached to a table and stays in one place. I understand the value of taking it with you on a vacation or camping where it will stay in one place for a while but I'm having a hard time figuring out how I would do it for a relatively short day trip such as people do when tailgating. I would be interested in hearing how you do it.
  2. Table/Stand Ideas for Kamado Joe Junior

    I’ve been very happy with it. It puts the Jr. at a good height for comfortable cooking. I used the zip ties same as you did to secure it to the table and think that is critical to making it work.
  3. Kamado Joe Jr Charcoal Consumption

    If anyone is concerned with whether the KJ Jr can handle a longer LNS this might help put your concerns to rest. Did a high heat cook of a 5.25lb pork butt yesterday. Cook took 11 hrs. Removed it at an internal temp of 202. Ran the Jr with a PartyQ ATC attached at 275 but cranked it up to 285 for the last 90 minutes. I was using B&B charcoal. This is what was left. Would have been plenty for a couple more hours.
  4. Do any/all KJ Classic owners wish theyd gotten the BJ?

    I have a Classic and a Jr. Of course I dream about getting a Big Joe eventually, simply because I don't have one. We are empty nesters but cook for others quite often. That said, for the cooking I currently do, the Classic is more than sufficient. But, I also have a number of other grills that I cook on as well when I need more grill area.
  5. Thinking of getting Joe Jr

    Absolutely. I would jump on a new one for that price. As Panchango said, warranty is important. I'm on fire bowl #2.
  6. Finally got it...

    Nice slicer. We make a lot of use of ours.
  7. KJ Classic extender

    I would recommend going with the KJ extender rack instead of rigging something up. It may cost a little more but it is made to align and sit on your main grates which means it fits perfect and provides you a solid and stable upper grate. Only thing you have to watch is that you don't have something that sits too high on the extender or you risk stabbing it with the dome thermometer. I did that smoking cheese before.
  8. I have been making pizza on an Akorn and Kamado Joe for several years and I thought I kinda had it figured out but my results were inconsistent. After watching @John Setzler 's Pizza 101 I went back to basics. I bought some spacers that gave me 1.75 inches of separation and held temps between 500-550. My results have improved significantly. Sometimes we all need to go back to the basics again.
  9. Smoke Gateway Initial Impressions

    The other thing that I found a little quirky about it is that the alarms have to be set in the app itself rather than being pushed from the Smoke. Not a big deal but a bit of a surprise. I'm doing my first cook with it tonight and will be interested to see how it works over a long period of time. So far I'm liking what I see.
  10. Kick Ash Basket - Worth Buying?

    I have them in both my KJ Classic and Jr. I really like them mainly for their ability to separate out the ash and clean the inside of the fire bowl between cooks. You give up just a little bit of charcoal capacity but not enough to make any great difference.
  11. The Smoke Gateway arrived today and I can't wait to take it on its first official cook of an overnight Boston Butt tomorrow night. It was easy to pair up. I have the app installed on both my Andriod phone and iPad. Interesting to see the slight differences but nothing too drastic. If you put the app on multiple devices an update on one updates all. Only negative comment I have is I don't understand why they went with the old mini USB charger connection. That said if it really holds 100 hours between charges I can live with that. In my particular set up there is a considerable separation between my cookers, the Gateway and my router but in my testing tonight they all maintained connectivity without a problem.
  12. Table/Stand Ideas for Kamado Joe Junior

    @Beermachine. There are at least two of us using this table now. Thanks for the tip. .
  13. John makes a very good point in terms of package price for the Smoke. It will be interesting to see how Thermoworks goes with this. The current range of the remote is pretty good and allows me to stay connected throughout most of my house. WiFi will potentially eliminate the need for the current remote. I guess we will all see how well the WiFi and app really work. I like the idea of having both, but not sure in the long run if both turn out to be reliable if I would want to pay for both if given the choice.
  14. Maverick 733

    I used a Maverick for a lot of years and was pretty satisfied although probes were a weak area, especially the pit probe. I always kept spares on-hand. Over time I migrated over to Thermoworks, first with a Chef Alarm, then the Dot and when the Smoke came out, the Maverick went into final retirement.
  15. I ordered one first thing this morning when I saw the email as well. I hope that Thermoworks has a robust server capability because I will bet it got blown up this morning with this announcement. I've been waiting for this.