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  1. Amazing.. love the stuff he does on YouTube.
  2. So do I.. Lamb Raan done on the Joe
  3. It's brand new. The only thing I can think of is maybe the wires twisted. Or it's reading from mesh that closes around the Kamado Joe. I'll give it another at the weekend, more concerned for overnight cooks. As I'm new to all of this low and slow cooking I don't want to mess it.up
  4. So... The meat thermometer probe was reading at grill temperature not meat temperature. How do I prevent this When opening the lid of the Kamado the probe temperature matched the pen. So in days of old, I used to crumple up tin foil and lift the wire above the hot spots. This didn't work ... Anything else I can try?? Sorry for confusion it was 5am when I posted.
  5. Sorry if this has been discussed before but couldn't find anything the stickies. Doing a slow roast for mothering Sunday. The wire thermometer is giving off the grill temperature, my lamb can't be at 130F in 2hrs at 130 it's impossible. I lift the lid of the Kamado Joe and the temp drops to 85f which about. I've tried the Tin foil trick but to no avail. Any other ideas... For now I'll base cooking times on 30minutes per pound and pen every hour
  6. Thank you I read when the Kindle battery died. Very informative...
  7. Hi, Been intrigued into this style of cooking for a long time. After much research and a premium account on YouTube, I take the plunge into a Kamado Joe this coming Monday. Read most of the articles already, also once I get used to it can't wait to do the challenges Happy grilling see you around
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