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  1. Keeper and others, Thanks for the thought provoking posts. I'm wondering when and how you add springs and leaves to your cook? Is it as a "finishing off"? Also, to what section of your Kamado do you place them? On the charcoal or on the plate? I've toyed with the idea of using a bed of rosemary for cooking lamb, with the rosemary on the grill plate. Cheers, South Aussie
  2. John, Len, Jark, Thanks for your comments, I appreciate it has been a few weeks! I have had success since your advice with the slow/indirect, rest and then putting on the gas BBQ; another time low/indirect, then rest, and in a pan on our gas stove with herb and butter during the sear/baste. Both worked well and- as you might expect- it was rewarding to experiment. Cheers, South Aussie
  3. I’m planning on some “reverse searing” of beef steaks. Planning to first cook the steaks at low temperature on the Kamado, then searing the steaks on a gas bbq. Reason for using the gas grill is that: - I have solid cast iron plate for the gas grill, while my Akron Kamado has only the rack/grate. -I expect that I will save on burning through extra lump to get to a high sear temp on the Kamado, while it will be much cheaper to run gas to get to a searing temp on the gas bbq. I’m wondering if I will “loose out” on any smoke flavor that would be developed from a few minutes of searing the steaks on the Kamado, after extended time of cooking to just under “doneness” on the Kamado. I’m thinking the searing stage will give me just that… a nice crust but no other smoke flavours imparted during the sear? Also wondering if there is any benefit for give the steak a little time to rest between the low temp cook and the sear, which would occur in the time while you get the Kamado up to a searing temp? What are your thoughts? Cheers in advance and happy cooking! South Aussie
  4. Thanks for the welcome Len and Boater. Looking forward to checking out the "Book of Knowlwdge"!
  5. Hello, First time I have ever joined a forum on any topic or platform. Bought a Kamado in January 2022 after years of gas barbequeing (that is most common here in suburban Australia). The intricacies of Kamado cooking have led me past a lot of lump, embers and down some DEEP rabbit holes... looking forward to posting instead of only reading! Cheers, South Aussie Adelaide, South Australia
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