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  1. Thanks Ben for the info. I found a bigger problem now. Took off the BJ II hinge to test it on my BJ III to see if it would fit. Bolt holes in BJ II hinge were not spaced wide enough to fit BJ III. So figuring that I could just put the BJ II hinge back on the BJ II from where it came, all would be good. However, now the bolt hole spacing doesn’t work to allow me to re-install the BJ II hinge on the same BJ II. Any thoughts on how to re-install the BJ II hinge? It just looks like the bolt holes are not spaced wide enough when I try to put it back on, but it obviously shipped from the factory installed there, so not sure why the problem. And it’s a good 1/8” to 1/4” off, so not really close IMO. See pic attached.
  2. Need to replace the "fully shrouded" hinge on my new Big Joe III with the partially-shrouded one on my Big Joe II. Anyone know if these are interchangeable? Need partially shrouded hinge on BJ III because the clearance on my BBQ from countertop to base where the grill sits is too deep for the fully shrouded hinge. See below for pictures.
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