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  1. The shipping charge is not for the firebox? This is the first time I have heard that they charged explicit shipping for the grate on top of the firebox.
  2. wait, where's the final picture! what I see looks great!
  3. the Meater battery is in the probe closer to the tip and stays inside the meat and has to stay below 212. So if you like your steaks black on the inside, it may not work for you
  4. Even the expensive stuff sparks…. Look at this Fogo Super Premium leave ash everywhere…
  5. I have a different grill than you, but when I leave my top damper all the way open and bottom damper open about 1 finger, I can get 500+ degrees. It could be that your dome thermometer isn't calibrated or is defective. I'd invest in an ambient thermometer. The deflectors actually do a great job insulating food from a roaring fire. It could be that the dome temp rose a lot more slowly than the temp near the heat deflectors. Was your firebox white (after having been black with soot and grease) when the coals cooled down? If so, you probably had a fire at 800+ degrees beneath the deflectors.
  6. Separately, and to 135 degrees at the center
  7. Welcome, I am also a newbie to Kamado cooking. I absolutely do not regret the switch. Burgers, pizzas, smoked meats, seafood, it's all come out better than my expectations!
  8. I love the look of a good smoke ring. Those look super tasty!
  9. I have the MEATER +. It works great. Because it is truly wireless, it’s very thick to accommodate the battery. The app works well and if you have a spare smartphone or tablet you can leave in the house closer to the probe, you can relay the temp over the internet and leave the house and check temps (saving you money over the MEATER block with built in WiFi, see image showing relay) It’s also nice that you get both internal and ambient temperature measurements with one probe.
  10. So far, super promising warranty experience with Primo. I sent out a warranty claim for the firebox, band and gasket on Sunday and got a reply today saying the requested items for repair were ordered. No questions, just a quick and short reply. That's got to be one of the most painless warranty experiences to-date! I figured the warranty process would be slow and painful (thanks internet bias) so I bought some fireplace cement and glued the 2 halves together. it needs to heat cure and I am not sure if I can lift it all back in the grill in one piece with only 24 hours of dry curing. but I figured it'd be worth a shot for $7. We'll see! Also, side note, both pieces stand completely independently. I almost feel like they could've designed the firebox to be in 2 pieces. I can definitely tip them over, but inside the grill, they only have about an inch to move on any side. Seems like they could pretty easily design some sort of lip to sit them in as separate pieces. Then there would probably be fewer issues of firebox cracks too.
  11. That looks so amazing. I love rib roast!
  12. Primo says 850 on their website. I would have avoided heating it up so much if it wasn’t advertised as a pizza oven. They even have a video on their official account showing how to self clean at 700 degrees. So not sure why mine cracked besides a defect
  13. Oh and… firebox cracked…. After 2 months of use…. Pizza tuned out great, however! Not sure if I can cook pizza in this grill again though since so much “broke” during one cook.
  14. I did a pizza cook at 600 degrees today. Pizza turned out great, however my lid lifted off the band in the back on my 2021 model Primo XL with the latest hinge. It left quite the gap and the grill wasn’t cooling after I closed the dampers. I was able to push it down while it was still hot. The bands were tight as of a month ago. Should I be worried about this? Is this expected?
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