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  1. And of course a can of Bud.... Best father's day I've ever had.... Also my first. Cheers my friends
  2. Standing rib roast or prime rib or ribeye roast.... Whatever it's officially called.... And stuffed lobster
  3. My father in law had friends from Texas who sent him some Special #### Rub. Anybody here ever try it and wondering if it's worth buying. The logo alone on the bottle makes me want to buy it.... Any input?
  4. Nice looking bird there.... Turkey just went up a notch on my to do list
  5. New Kamado owner just wanna say thanks for all the awesome advice and wisdom.... Pretty happy so far with my results... Went from a crappy gas grill for years and finally splurged on Kamado Joe and well worth it Smoked this ribeye roast for three hours or so then took off top plate of slow roller and seared at 500... Thanks again
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