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  1. Are you the owner of „kamadoguru.com“?
  2. Some oil is important... I use the glass as griddle plate. With fish (squid) between 200 and 400 ° F Also works with meet at higher temp
  3. Using heat resistant glass... type Schott nextrema 712-3, salmon plus teriyaki.
  4. Ketchup, Garlic, apple juice, paprika.
  5. In many cases... whenever you smoke and dry paprika... (with briquettes) being off temperature has impact on the color and taste.
  6. I understand the idea... It is possible to control some spot of air, but to understand wheater this spot is representativ to get the best meal requires skill. Dome temperature might be more representative for understanding the temperature around the meat, but might be a different temperature level.
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