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  1. Hey, y’all. Got the smoker around a year ago, since then I’ve been trying to work at smoking meats. Up to this point I’ve only done pork butt since I’ve always heard that it is the most forgiving of the meats. Today, I started smoking a 10lb pork butt for a get together later on and I’m worried about how fast it’s been cooking. The grill temp has stayed between 230F and 300F this whole time, however after 3.5 hours, the internal food temp is already at 196F! Is this cooking too fast? Should I do something different? I have it up on a grill pan wrapped in foil. The meat is open to the smoke though. I’ve also noticed I’m not getting the bark I have seen in times past. for the fire. I’m using lump coal and lighting with a paraffin cube. I also have the smoking stone in there to help block some of the direct heat. Would love to hear the thoughts from the veterans!
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