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  1. Just to provide an update regarding my experience. I was persistent and have reached through to Primo and I believe they are sincerely trying to make this work out to my satisfaction.
  2. I filed a warranty claim on my firebox which cracked and while they did agree it would be replaceable under warranty it was difficult to actually get the order placed. When I filed the online form, within 2 emails and a few days time, they confirmed that it would be covered and that I needed to call in and place the order and pay the $80 shipping and handling fee. It took about 5-6 calls over the course of 2 weeks to actually get someone on the phone who would let me place the order and pay the fee. The operator who would answer the phone always sounded annoyed. I would briefly state my intention to finalize my warranty claim by ordering the piece that was approved and paying the fee. Each time I was forwarded to another number and always received a voicemail box. I left a voicemail each time and never once got a call back or was able to speak directly to that individual. I finally got forwarded to the parts department and stated my intention again. This person had no record of my claim being approved and I had to forward the email while on the phone. I finally was able to hand over my credit card information and was told "it may not go out for a few weeks". I was relieved with actually getting the claim finalized and that was acceptable to me. The shipping fee for the warranty replacement firebox was a bit steep but again, marginally acceptable. It was far from a pain free process and I hope it arrives soon and undamaged. I want to show the exact communication I received when I filed my second claim after realizing my rotisserie kit was unusable. This is the direct response from Technical Support. "Non issue. No idea what he is talking about. I see the older grill is not symmetrical with the rotis kit, but that how it is. He can bend it if he wants." So, not only was this dismissed as a non-issue and told "that how it is" I was suggested to take a brand new $300 accessory made from 1/4" reinforced steel and bend it if I want. As a mechanical engineer, this was a laughable suggestion. Not only would bending it completely compromise the rotational axis, if it is not bent to fit perfectly it could possibly put a tensile stress on the ceramic almost certainly causing failure of the grill ceramics. Their final solution was for me to return the rotisserie kit to the retailer for a full refund. I had no choice but to accept this even though I wanted to be able to use the rotisserie on my grill. They didn't offer to warranty any of the cast ceramics or even a discounted/cost share approach to replacements. Within the last year I purchased 2 additional pizza stones, a grill cover, charcoal grate, SS grill grate, SS extended rack, new grate lifter, and gasket. All of this was Primo branded product and was about $400. If I include the rotisserie, I had spent just over $700 on Primo accessories in the last year. This may not be huge money but I was fully committed to supporting Primo, probably would have purchased even more accessories, and was already starting to plan my outdoor kitchen build around a Jack Daniels XL. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how a business treats their customers that keeps them as customers.
  3. Saw it in Jacksonville FL. Cover included.
  4. I own this grill and it was my first ever kamado grill. While it served it's purpose, the build quality and customer service of Primo is one of the worst in the industry. I always held them in high regard being a USA manufactured product, but it's just down right inferior to the red and green brands. If you purchase one of these, pray to God you never need to file a warranty claim. They are extremely unprofessional to deal with and will make up whatever excuse they want. They just flat out won't support grills that are more than 6 years old even though these are grills that should last a lifetime. I purchased a rotisserie attachment for my grill and it didn't even come close to fitting. The same accessory fit my neighbors green grill like it was made for it. The grill measured about 18.5" by 19.1" on the inside diameter and the warranty department told me to return the accessory and deal with the grill. If you want to be treated this way in the event you have a potential warranty claim on these grills, go ahead and purchase a Primo. I can say they have lost a lifetime customer and I will never purchase a Primo branded product. I will be upgrading to one of the green or red brands.
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