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  1. We have a Big Joe 3 and just purchased the JJ George table. How on earth do you lift it up over the top and set it in the table? And then how would you go about getting it out? There's a good possibility we're moving next year and I would think it would have to come out of the table to move it safely.
  2. Excellent post. min going to do this.
  3. I reached out to BBQ Guru and apparently they are rolling out updates to fix the wifi issues. They’ve gotten a lot of complaints. The thing works very well aside from the connectivity problems. I’ll hang onto it and see what happens.
  4. I did. Obviously it being a Sunday I don’t expect a response. I went on their tutorial videos and every site I could think of. Apparently many are having the same issues.
  5. I was so excited to use my new ultra Q. What a horrible experience. Bluetooth range is meh and the app will not connect to wifi at all. I tried 3 different routers do I know it’s not my equipment. it does control the temp fine but I paid extra to have the wifi and text alerts.
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