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  1. well as i am digging i did find Auber off up this Ball Valve attachment that could possibly be added on the front of the Vision Pro. Not sure I like the fact of drilling a hole in the drawer. http://www.auberins.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=14_40&products_id=346 here is the BBQ Guru attatchment for thier product http://store.thebbqguru.com/weborderentry/Vision%20Kamado%20Pro%20Adaptor wondering if that auberns ball attachment would slip in the bbqguru?
  2. does anyone have a Vision Pro and has incorporated the auber instrustment air controller with it? Auber does not sell a plate (if you will) to attach the blower under the door as BBQ Guru does. thanks for your help Gary
  3. Crazing is normal from what I have read on all these type of grill forums as well as discussing this with Vision support. As for the chips..Vision does have a kit they will send for free that will seal and cover the chips. Give the customer support a jingle via the warranty submisison on their website. I hope this helps. Gary
  4. I gave Vision and call this week and talked about temp control and they provided this information below that was created I was told by Bruce (i do believe) the owner of Vision Grill. The “key” to controlling temperature is being in control of your fire and it not being in control of you. This is achieved by regulating the oxygen/draft I will share with you how to “be in control” of your temperature and then share steps for smoking and grilling/roasting which are two things you indicated you were interested in. KEEPING FIRE IN CONTROL Step #1: Fill bowl to just below the holes
  5. have you tried yet to keep it around 250 per the temp gauge on the grill? I got my new C this weekend and i couldnt keep it around 250 but was able to hold it at 300 pretty easy by keeping everything closed. Which concerns me with air leaking. I left my digital at home so this next weekend will be installing auber controller do and controller and will see what happens. Gary
  6. i too have the C and noticed that on the bbqguru it was going to be to big. i ended up buying the auber controller and am in the process of making my own plate. if you know someone that has a spindle sander you can easily sand the corners to fit and even round the bottom corner for looks! I hope this helps. Quesiton....have you notice any issues with keeping it around 250 degrees as it is (no controller). Gary
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