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  1. Well, I will say KJ has been responsive. I was correct, new bands are necessary for to complete the assembly. Unfortunately, they are on backorder but should be shipped by the end of June. More to come.
  2. I purchased my Big Joe 1 in 2015 at Costco road show. Enjoyed for years until the hinge adjustment maxed out. Then I had a few incidents where the hinge would not keep the lid open and it closed HARD. I can only assume this eventually caused the top to crack and the crack eventually went from front to back. I went to Kamado Joe website and completed the warranty information and was very pleased with the rapid reply. I received a new top and bottom with the new style hinge and 12 longer bolts for the bands. After removing the bands from the original BJ I replaced the new bottom and had difficulty replacing the lower band. I had to use a c-clamp to get the adjustment bolt started then I was able to tighten. After placing the new dome top and adjusting the tension to the band, I tried to attach the new hinge. I noticed the new hinge had a different bolt pattern for three bolts for the top and bottom on each side instead of the two bolts from the original. I was able to get the two bottom bolts on each side line up for the hinge but the top bolts would not match the hole pattern. I tried to tighten the top band a little more thinking it might help but it didn't and I ended up over-tightening the top band to the point the band snapped at the adjustment area. I am reaching out to KJ customer service as I think there may be a different band needed with the six bolt pattern to match the newer hinge. Has anyone else had experience with this hinge? I'll let y'all know the outcome.
  3. Hello group, glad I found you. I have enjoyed smoking 'n grilling for about 40+ years. In 2015 I purchased my Kamado Big Joe 1 from the road show at Costco. Loved it so much I gave away my old rusty off-set smoker, my Weber grill and a worn out gas grill. About a year ago the tension on my Big Joe hinge maxed out the adjustment with eventual failure in the ability to hold up the lid. I will create a separate post on this topic to see if anyone has a similar situation as mine. Kamado just sent a new hinge I have not seen anyone post before. More to come!
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