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  1. Hi All, I just purchased my CGK and will be assembling it this afternoon. I noticed an ad for it in Meijer last Sunday and made my decision based largely on these forums and youtube videos...great information, thanks! Meijer has the grill for $299 and has a 15% off promotion at meijer.com right now, so after tax it was like $270...pretty great deal I thought! Anyway, I've been a huge griller for years (gone through four gas grills in the last 10 or so years!) but I've always used gas, or wood for an all day affair. I've never done any smoking, but have been wanting to get into it, likewise, been considering making the switch to charcoal. The reason I've been using gas so long is that I grill a lot...like 4-5 times a week in the summer...and often, I need just a quick, hot grill. Charcoal's always seemed like such a time consuming ordeal...I'm hoping what I'm thinking proves to be the case and the CGK heats up quickly enough to grill a quick meal on a whim. I have a nice little weber q that we use with our RV, I can always use that little guy if firing up the CGK proves to be too much hassle. A little about me: I'm 34, married with two kids and live in Northern Michigan. I do most of the cooking in our house, because I enjoy it. I have some specialties and can whip up some above average grub, but I'm by no means a chef. Some of my favorite grill items include: the standards...burgers, brats, chicken, steaks,etc...I really enjoy mixing it up though...pizzas, veggies, fruit, beef and pork loins, shellfish, I make a killer cedar planked salmon on the grill, people beg my dad and I to make our wood pit ribs, etc, etc, etc. I'm looking forward to a whole new array of foods with the lower and more controllable temp of the CGK, and sharing my experiences in these forums. So...I'm off to assemble, season and maybe even do a quick pie tonight!
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