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  1. The baby backs were nice and tender but the country ribs didn't get as tender as I expected. They also had less flavor than the rack... which is strange because they soaked in BBQ sauce and pineapple juice for an hour, then I sauced them with BBQ sauce and caramelized it on the meat. Will do something a little different next time.
  2. The second cook on my Classic II was a success! I put on a rack of baby back ribs for an hour. (I dry brined it overnight with salt, then added a BBQ rub earlier today.) Just before putting in my deflector plates I added a nice chunk of pecan. Wrapped the ribs after two hours -- with brown sugar, butter, and BBQ sauce -- and let them soften for an hour. The country ribs smoked for one hour, then spent an hour in a braising liquid consisting of pineapple juice and BBQ sauce. Finally, both sets of ribs came out of the foil/pan and I slathered them with BBQ sauce and caramelized the sauce onto the meat. The corn went on the grill for about 20 minutes, still in the husks, then my wife removed the husks, added butter, and wrapped them in foil. They cooked in foil for about 30 minutes. (The corn came out PERFECT!)
  3. My wife bought some country style ribs today. I've never cooked them on the grill/bbq before so I watched three or four videos. I'm sure it's not required but ALL of them smoked the ribs for an hour or so, then put them in some liquid to braise. Supposed to make them really tender. Not sure which way I'll try to do them tomorrow...
  4. Haha. Yeah, I had some firestarters. We just moved in with my 92 year old Mom to take care of her and one of my first purchases was a new grill. I almost got a Kamado (I used to own a Green Egg and loved it), but I decided to try out one of the Masterbuilt Gravity Fed cookers. I used firestarters to get that started. The Masterbuilt isn't a bad cooker, and I made some delicious food, but there were just lots of little things that bothered me: My Egg spoiled me with how fuel efficient it was. I cooked a brisket on my Masterbuilt and I had to fill the charcoal hopper (which is pretty large) THREE times. It was getting expensive. My BGE could get a little greasy but I couldn't even get close to the Masterbuilt without coming away with grease all over my hands and arms. It was also leaving grease stains on the patio. The Masterbuilt was built fairly well, but I just felt like something was going to break every time I turned it on. There are lots of wires under the cooking area and even near the fire box. Didn't trust it. I watched a guy clean his Masterbuilt and it took an HOUR. There are five or six parts that you have to take out, degrease, scrub down, season with PAM, and re-install. (45 minutes at 600 degrees and my Egg looked new!) The final straw was last Saturday. I cooked a brisket, then bumped the temperature to 325. I looked 5 minutes later and the temp in my Masterbuilt was close to 500! I opened the lid and the inside of the grill was on fire. (Grease fire from the brisket.) I felt very safe doing overnight cooks with my Egg. My wife and I didn't trust an overnight cook on the Masterbuilt. (It was sitting on our patio and there was a wooden trellis and some wooden beams 5 or 6 feet away.) Got my Classic II today and it was like coming home. :-) Started with burgers and hot dogs and they came out great. I detected more of a charcoal flavor!
  5. I am VERY impressed with the improvements in the Kamado Joe's (over my old BGE). It seems like every generation introduces 2 or 3 new things! Any word on what the next generation might include? After thinking about it for awhile I did have ONE idea: My biggest gripe about my old Egg was that my high heat cooks, and high heat cleans, destroyed my felt gasket within a year. Replacing it sounded like a chore and I just never got around to do doing it. My low-and-slow cooks took a VERY noticeable hit. I bought a KJ II mainly for the new gasket which is supposed to last longer, but I know that the high heat glue can come off and it needs to be re-applied. So here was my idea: make a clip-on gasket! Something that just snaps over the lid and the base. That way you could remove it when you are cooking steaks, pizza, or doing one of those high heat cleans. And put it back on for briskets, pork butt, ribs, etc. Also, if you needed to buy a new one all you'd have to do is snap it on. No messy glue, no taking the lid off, etc. Think that would work?
  6. My Classic II arrived this morning and it feels a bit like Christmas! Not sure why I love BBQ and grilling so much, but it's definitely a consistent passion in my life. Every video about the Classic II that I have seen says that it comes with heat resistant plastic side tables. But mine are definitely metal. Is this new, or did I just get really lucky? (Like maybe they ran out of the plastic ones and just threw in some metal ones.) I had a Big Green Egg for about four years and it took me almost a year to get a charcoal torch. What a great investment that was! I ordered it early and got it yesterday. Smart thinking, right? Just one problem. My wife pointed out that the propane won't get here until next week. DOH!!!
  7. Hi, folks. My name is John and I'm 60 years old. I've owned/used a large variety of gas and charcoal cookers over the years, but I fell in love with a Big Green Egg about a dozen years ago. Used it religiously for about 4 years but then my wife and I moved to Europe (Paris and then Berlin) and I had to get rid of it. Now we're back in the US and one of my very FIRST purchases was a new grill. I took a Masterbuilt gravity-fed detour, but quickly came to my senses when I realized that the new Kamado Joe's solve almost all of my minor gripes with the Eggs. I ordered a KJ Classic II and it arrives on Friday. Picked up a Joetisserie, as well. Can't wait! NOTE: I owned a medium-sized Green Egg and I was really excited to learn that the KJ Classic series is the same size as a LARGE sized BGE.
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