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  1. I have a gap at the backnof my Kamado, about 5mm. When I investigated I also noticed for the first time that the bands had been chipping the enamel on the lid above. I tried doing the fix where you take the whole lid off and re-sit the thing in the bands but when I did a) I couldn’t fit the spacing attachment properly at the base of the hinge, because there was no room for the spacer, nut and washer — not even for just the spacer and nut. b) after a work around and getting the lid off without the mechanism flinging open, it seems as though the angle on the lid bands is causing the problem. It seems to be too far open at “neutral” I haven’t found anywhere that would tell me whether this is normal or not - or how to adjust the angle. I would have expected the two bands to sit parallel to each other? any help appreciated
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