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  1. Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll try to check them out. Definitely looking forward to having plenty of Pizza and BBQ food whilst we are over. Thanks Len. Should have been originally visiting back in 2020 but for covid. Just need to get through the 8 hour flight with my 5 year old!
  2. Thanks. I’m visiting Maryland on vacation next week as staying with some friends in College Park and then going to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware for a week
  3. They were great. My cast iron grill pan that I cooked them in isn’t that big so was a struggle but they came out great. Going to purchase the soapstone I think. I also cooked Citrus Seared Chicken with asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms and tomatoes the following night which was a success. Thinking of doing a spatchcock chicken or some beef this weekend but can’t decide.
  4. First time Kamado user here as picked up a Kamado Joe Jr the other day. Looking forward to trying it out for the first time this weekend, planning to cook some smash burgers on it.
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