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  1. Also John, love all your videos - cooked plenty of the back of your recipes. Loved them all!
  2. Not sounding promising which is really disappointing. From memory when I registered I had to give details of where I purchased it but not proof of purchase - although KJ customer support and saying they have no record of my registration either despite email confirmation from them... Have to persevere and hope something useful in my CC statements that might lead to copy receipts from the store. Thanks
  3. HI All, Seen a few warranty posts and hoping to get feedback from other Kamado Joe customers. I purchased my KJ Classic back in 2018 (September / October from memory), and got round to registering the following summer (June 2019 - and have my registration confirmation email). Roll forward three years and my firebox has started to crack, submitted a warranty claim and been asked for proof of purchase. Unfortunately I don't have a four year old receipt, I've reached out to my old credit card companies (the ones I can remember) to see if they can send old statements from around that time. Just really frustrated with KJ, what is the point of product registration? Once you register your product / purchase surely that should suffice particularly if you are offering a "lifetime" warranty to the purchaser - common sense prevails that you ask customers to register the product / purchase because you know most won't be able to produce receipts years after purchase. Anyone been in a similar situation and had any luck? Thanks Liam
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